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Is there a problem using mortar between tiles on gunite pool?


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One would normally use a tile grout mixed with bonding liquid, this should not be a problem


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Replace the tiles. Makes it easier to clean the water line. Stains and oils will be permanent if you don't. k

To lay pool tiles, you will need mortar to affix the tiles to the cement pool, you will also need grout for between the tiles and a sponge to clean the tiles.

yes but consider the possibility of tiles coming off with paper...mortar or adhesive chemical reaction could cause seperation bubbles between wallboard and wallpaper

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Yes you can just use a better mortar and smaller tiles

Ceramic floor tiles can be bought at brick and mortar retailers such as Tile Choice, or online at retailers such as Amazon or perhaps even on eBay for a good deal.

One might apply ceramic wall tiles by using either of 2 products: tile mastic or thinset mortar. The application process is the same for both products. One could use a V-notched trowel to spread some of the mortar onto the wall, covering an area just big enough to lay in about 8 tiles.

The ceramic tiles are created from clay while the vitrified tiles are made by fusing silica and clay.

Vitrified tiles are a type of unglazed floor tiles. Marbonite tiles are a subset of vitrified tiles. Marbonite tiles have a coating which reduces the porosity of the tiles. This coating reduces staining, allowing the tile to appear cleaner for a longer time.

There are many difference between slate tile and ceramic tile 1. Slate tiles are natural. Ceramic tiles are synthetically created. 2. Slate tiles are more durable. Ceramic tiles are less durable.

The desired layout pattern and the spacing distance between tiles.

Porcelain tiles are fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles. They are more resistant to stains, but they're a little more expensive.

Pool tiles have a harder surface. They can tolerate being in constant contact with water and harsh pool chemicals

The answer depends on the orientation of the tiles but will be between 22 and 44 tiles (ignoring grouting gaps).

Hi, Due to use of excessive fine material or silt (clay)or weak mortar is major cause of cracks in cement concrete tiles. Find more useful tips and ideas at http://www.gharexpert.com

Ceramic tile I assume? They are grouted together to bond the tiles together and to seal the floor so that dirt does not get between the tile.

10.5 tiles without any gaps between the tiles.

It is not always a good idea to lay granite tiles over the existing ceramic tile flooring.Why?The old ceramic tile flooring would have already aged and lost the strength. Since the flooring would have developed cracks and got loosened at many places. In order to lay granite tiles newly over the ceramic tiles, you need to prepare the surface by making it it rough for bondage of mortar, which again further weakens the old flooring strata making it inevitable to remove the entire floor tiles.What is recommended?It is always better to remove the old floor tiles by chipping and making the surface rough for the mortar to bind well.Moreover, the compressive strengths of these two tiles differ a lot. The granite tiles, being natural, possess better strength than the ceramic tiles. So, using a stronger tile flooring over an old and weak flooring is not a good option.

take the tiles out and remoce the nail or you could use a chisel

Polished tiles will have the design half d body so they are more durable whereas glazed tiles wl have oly the top layer design so its not durable.

The difference between ceramic and porcelin floor tiles is ceramic tyles are make of ceramic and porcelin tiles are made of porcelin. They both come in various sizes and styles. Ceramic tyles are usually better for floors and porcelin tiles are usually better for walls and showers.

difference between the manufacture of bricks and manufacture of tiles

You would need 216 tiles if you left no space between them for grout.

step 1: 3/4 inch (finish) plywood screwed to top of base cabinets. cut out for sink area step 2: 1/4 inch cement board screwed every 6 inches on center onto the plywood top and front face of plywood. . .mortar between the joints and float smooth step 3: lay out the tiles and precut the pieces. you'll have to precut for the sink area by laying the tiles around perimeter and marking from below. i also cut the front pieces at a 45 degree angle and wetstoned them to a shine step 4: quickset mortar trowelled onto the cement board with 1/4 inch ridged trowel, one small area at a time so it won't dry before you set the tiles step 5: set the tile into the grout, leaving a small gap between tiles for grout (i used dimes standing on edge between tiles). For front pieces, butter the back of the tile with mortar and push into place, hold in place with painters tape. . .let dry at least two hours step 5: grout between tiles, pushing the grout into the seams with a rubber grout float. . .there are many colors of grout available (make sure you use un-sanded) step 6: sponge off the excess grout lightly, let dry, then wipe the haze off the tile with soft cloth

At most retailers, you can get 20 vinyl flooring tiles for between $10 and $30, and depending on the caliber of quality you would like, they can be as much as $50 for 20 tiles.

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