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Replace the tiles. Makes it easier to clean the water line. Stains and oils will be permanent if you don't.


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Q: Should you replace broken tiles at top of Gunite pool with new tiles or Gunite up to coping?
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Do you need an expansion joint for a gunite pool between the coping and patio?


Should you replace the coping while you are replacing the liner in your inground pool if the white on the coping gets on your skin?

I replaced the liner and kept the old coping. Now, five years later, the coping is failing. It has cracks and splits and looks terrible. If I had it to do all over again, I would have replaced the coping. There were signs of deterioration that I had ignored. The small seam covers had mostly broken off. Blaming the kids, I got some replacements from the company that had installed the pool originally. The lasted on season. Your coping may be failing. Why take the chance?

How do you replace inground pool coping?

Bash the old stuff of level it and re cement the new coping on top of the old work.

Can you replace the coping for an inground pool without replacing the liner?


What will happen if expansion joint is not used between gunite pool coping and cement decking?

If the decking shifts,rises and moves it will push on the coping of the pool. Also, this helps keep water from under the pool and if the ground has moisture until it and freezes then it cause the deck to rise.

How can a small broken section of coping track which holds the pool liner be repaired or replaced?

inyopools carries the coping for the tops of the above ground liners really reseanable price.

What are the best cleaners for the coping an tile on an inground gunite pool?

I prefer to use Biodex 300, then seal with a silicone tile/grout sealer like "TPS" If the stains and buildup are thick you will need a professional.

Should pool copping be level?

Pool coping should be level. If it is "bullnose" brick they should all be about the save height all the way around the pool. A cantilever coping should be level as well. there should be no toe stubbers.

How do you repair plastic bull nose coping on an in-ground vinyl pool piece broken off where the winter cover snaps in?

Unless it is in a place where you can glue it and it will not be noticable I would try to replace it. If you have the piece you can use a plastic welder to repair it.

What is coping?

what is pool coping

Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.

What is used around coping around pool area to prevent water from going in?

Nothing, the coping should slope back away from the pool

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