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Is there a procedure to retrieve engine fault codes from a 1991 Dodge Colt without a scan tool?

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2005-03-21 23:55:13
2005-03-21 23:55:13

Yes there is, provided that you have not disconnected the battery terminals! If you have disconnected the BAT terminals, the codes would have been erased! Locate the diagnostic connector which is either next to or under the fuse panel. The colt wagon has it under the glove box, to its left. 1- With the Ign sw off, look at this connector and find the #1 and #12 terminals. 2- cut a piece of wire or use a thick paper clip (I use the clip)and connect these two terminals. 3- Now, turn the key to "On"-DO NOT START the engine,just turn it to On. 4- Observe the on dash Engine light begin to flash.. like more code. NOTE: 2 flashes, and then a pause means 2. Then 4 flashes and pause means 4, giving you a code of 24. However, there may be more than one fault code stored. The scan will give you any stored code in its numerical place. Starts from it lowest number to highest. Also, there is a code, which will always come out. Its designed to indicate to you, that the on board diagnostic system is working. This code is #12. It would also be the first code to be shown, and the last. What ever you find in between, are the fault codes. Find a manual to see their definitions.

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