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Check the fuel rail valve to see if you have fuel going to the fuel rail. If you don't, there is a safety fuel shut-off switch located in the trunk around the left trunk hinge. Press the button and try to start the car again. (or you could save yourself some trouble and push the damned button first - LOL) I would say, push the black alarm reset button on or near the steering column. If you press the red button when the car is not running, it will go into valet mode and the red button will blink twice, repeatedly. The lights , going on and off are for the alarm. Telling you there has been an intrusion. Does your horn work? My car had the same problem and the previous owner took out the 25 amp fuse for the horn because the alarm kept going off.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-29 21:19:00
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Q: Is there a reset switch for a 93 Lincoln mark viii the car wont start system check says everything is fine.So can anyone help you with that and the lights keep going of and on?
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