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I doubt it but you can always call and ask.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-13 03:48:32
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Q: Is there a reward for turning in a vehicle that the bank is unable to collect for repossession?
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Can you get a reward for turning a person with a warrant in?


Is there a reward for turning drink drivers in?

Not usually.

What is the reward for turning offenders who breaks the rules?

There is no reward. Unless you count feeling great that you got an offender out of the game.

Where to collect reward for skull fossils on Free Realms?

reward will appear by itself once all of the skull fossils are found.

Can you get a reward for turning a company in for stuff like board of health labor DOT?

Yes, you can get a reward for turning a company in for stuff board of health labor DOT.

Is there a reward for turning in a 13 year old sex offender?

No monetary reward, but your cleared conscience and stopping a sex offender from using and or abusing others should be your reward.

How do you take away the spider curse in Zelda ocarina time?

you have to kill all the gold skulltulas and collect the tokens they drop. for every 10 you collect you can visit the house and collect a reward from the people.

Is there a reward for turning in an illegal immigrant?

The satisfaction of being a good citizen.

How much money do you get for turning in a stop sign?

Unless there is a reward advertised, probably nothing.

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"viens chercher ta récompense"

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Collect them, play games that reward them, use the secret codes that award them, or trade for them.

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the Pardoner was a commissioner who was sent to collect alms and provide indulgence as a reward

What do colored feathers mean in Farmville?

The ones you find or can gift are collectibles, if you collect a whole set you get a reward. If you are talking about the actual ducks (male or female) you can collect from each day, nothing, it's how all the ducks look.

How do you get the bublegum on Poptropica?

You collect all the pieces of the comic strips, assemble them together, then return them to the man in the comic shop and as a reward, he will give you bubblegum.

What was x-rays reward for turning in the gold tube in in the book holes?

He could take a whole day off and have doublle shower time

How much money would you get for turning in someone who does graffiti?

Unless there were a reward posted for the tagger - nothing - except the satisfactiron of being a good citizen.

What is Grover's plan to get money in chapter 12 Lightning Thief?

They were going to turn in a lost dog (a pink poodle named Gladiola!) and collect the reward.

How do you do a task on the Pawn Stars game on facebook?

You accept the task when it comes up then you collect the pieces that it tells you to or you restore the piece that it wants you to then you accept the reward

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Who do I contact to turn in someone who is hiding a car due to repossession?

If you know who there finance company is you can call them directly. Or you can call the repo comapany. Some finance companies and repo companies actually give a reward for contacting them and telling them where it is.

How do you change your character type in Mafia Wars?

you need to collect at least 15 reward points and then go to the godfather > the godfather offers you a new game

Can you get a cash reward for turning in probation violator?

No, people are not paid a cash reward for information about probation violations. It is only our own belief in the legal system, and our own desire that people should comply with the conditions of their probation, which motivates us to report violations of probation.

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