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Is there a right of recission when purchasing a used vehicle in New Jersey?


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there is no right to recision in regard to the sale of a new or used motor vehicle in the state of Georgia


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Yes Ohio does have a 3 day right of recission law for certain transactions. The purchase of a motor vehicle does not fall under this law.

No, that law only applies to unsolicited purchases not autos.

In short, no. Florida does have a 3 day right of recission, however, it only applies to services purchased in excess of $25.00, and only when the seller has approached the buyer (typically a door to door sales person). Specifically, because buying a new vehicle occurs in a fair and commerical place (the dealership) and it is the buyer who approaches the seller in interest, any right of recission is waived.

Does the 3 day recission pertain to furniture?

There is NO right of recission for autos.

In Oklahoma, there is no general right of rescission after purchasing a vehicle unless such right was negotiated and placed in the contract.

NO!! That law only applies to the purchase of unsolicited items and not to the purchase of a vehicle. No state law applies to vehicles.

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

No, there is no right of recission in the state of kentucky. Once you sign a contract to purchase a car in the state of kentucky, you own a vehicle whether you have driven the vehicle off the lot or not.

right to recission when actual signing of documents don't take place at the business and product cost is over $25.00.

Yes there is a recession law in all states but it does not apply to the purchase of an automobile.

Having a talk with a Chrysler representitive will provide advice on purchasing the right vehicle at an affordable price. Otherwise, the local bank can help with financial loans.

The rescission law or buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle. You would have to prove fraud in order to cancel the contract.

You should contact your States Attorney General.

No, that law only applies to unsolicited purchases not autos.

The right of recision recognized in Illinois is 3 business days.

Yes. The State of Illinois abides by the 3 day right of recision.

Well you are started on the right path by purchasing a vehicle maintenance book for the type of vehicle you have. Now you want to review it to see if the vehicle maintenance project you want to undertake is something you feel comfortable with.

That type law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle in any state. It is only a myth that it does. When you buy a vehicle you cannot return it.

Recissions/Returns on New Car Purchases When purchasing a new automobile, please be aware that there is NO three-day rescission law that applies to motor vehicle purchases. You do NOT have a right to return the vehicle because you regret purchasing it, or have decided it doesn't meet your needs, or you cannot afford it. Once you purchase the vehicle, you assume responsibility for it. Some automobile sellers may have policies that allow you to return the vehicle within a certain number of days, but usually you may return the vehicle only for credit towards the purchase of a different vehicle. The exception would be deceit or fraud in the sale.

It's actually a 3 day federal right of recission, which means it is valid in every state.

In the state of TN there is no right of recission on the purchase of automobiles unless the salesperson was a door to door car salesman. Seeing as these do not exist,(you have to go to a dealership at one point or another in the process), there is basically no form of this right.

The person paying has the right to the vehicle

Right source. Right quality, Right quantity, Right price

No, it only applies to unsolicited sales and not to the purchase of a vehicle unless there was fraud or deceit involved. yes it does apply

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