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I was searching for the same thing, and found this: It is apparently a DIY product that totally reseals the pool. I would like to know if anyone has tried it! It looks too easy and inexpensive to be true. We are trying to research them more now... If anyone has tried them, please let me know if it works and how hard it is to apply. I am curious about the same product..let me know if you find anyone that has used.

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βˆ™ 2006-04-05 05:54:23
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Q: Is there a rubber product that can be used on large cracks in a concrete pool to make it waterproof again?
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Yes, rubber is waterproof, which is why early rain gear was cloth that was coated with rubber. It dries out and cracks over time.

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When cared for correctly, a concrete driveway can last for 25 years. Basecrete is the best solution for concrete crack repair because it’s been engineered to renovate, repair, and preserve concrete. Moreover, waterproofing your driveway saves money, prevents stains, and minimizes cracks. Visit our website for more information.

What is 8000HC concrete water proofing system?

flexible self-adhesive waterproof membrane comprising a rubber/bitumen compound

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The #1 waterproof bondcoat Basecrete has proven to be the number one waterproof bondcoat with exceptional adhesive qualities over the years. From commercial waterproofing to concrete basement waterproofing, Basecrete can be used seamlessly in all applications. Moreover, it works well with most surfaces because it’s resistant to a ton of corrosive agents and most chemicals

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