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Is there a service manual for a1985 Yamaha xj700?

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What model is a Yamaha motorcycle with vin jya1jj002fa000765 and engine 1jj000765?

It's a 1985 XJ700

What is the Correct tire pressure for a 1985 Yamaha xj700?

Front: 36psi; Rear: 38psi

How do you adjust the Carb on a 1985 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim?

check out, buch of great stuff on there

What is the spark plug gap for a 1985 Yamaha maxim xj700 if you are using BR9ES NGK spark plugs?

The gap is .7 mm or .032"

What Yamaha motorcycles came out in 1986?

Some of the Yamaha motorcycles that came out in 1986 are: FJ1200, FZ600, FZ750, XJ600, XJ700, XS400 and YX600. The YX600, also knows as the Radian, was the most affordable at that time.

How do I know which XJ700 motor N S X etc is on a Yamaha maxim with vin jya1fg 003fa001458?

XJ700N is air-cooled XJ700X is liquid-cooled, it will have a small radiator

Where is the running light fuse location on my motorcycle?

on my 85 xj700 maxim they are behind the indicator light cover which is between the gages. four Phillips screws hold the cover on

If water is full what would make a 1985 xj700 run hot only while sitting still?

your cooling fan is not truning on. it's usauly caused by the coolent temp sensor.

1982 Yamaha 400 maxim repair manual for free?

i need to buy a service manual for a 1982 yamaha maxim 400

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a 1985 Nissan D21 pickup?

right now ,theirs a1985 Nissan truck service manual on eBay for bid.

Where can one find a owners manual for a Yamaha yl1?

service manual here

Where can you download a free Yamaha 85 hp C85TLRS outboard service manual?


Can you display a Service manual for 15 hp Yamaha outboard motor cooling?


How do you download a manual for a Yamaha p450 outboard engine?

The Yamaha P450 that I have is a prototype and has no manual. It was manufactured ca 1973-74.

Where can you find a Yamaha TW200 wiring diagram?

Full PDF versions of the Owners Manual, Service Manual, and a supplement manual. Wiring diagram is in the service manual.

Where can you download manual for Yamaha jog 98?

The Yamaha Jog 98 is a scooter from the Yamaha company. You can download a manual for it from the manufacturer.

Where can you download service manual for a Yamaha Razz?

What is the spark plug gap for a Yamaha yfm350x warrior?

Correct plug and gap for YFM350X is : NGKD8EA 0.024 to 0.028 I own one, this info is out of the Yamaha Service Manual.

What is the spark plug gap for Yamaha 1999 zeal 250?

Spark plug gap for the Yamaha Zeal FZX 250 is 0.7 - 0.8mm, according the service manual

Where can you download a owners manual for Yamaha inboard?

The Yamaha company can direct you to the proper place to retrieve the owners manual for your Yamaha inboard. They may be able to send you a copy of the manual.

What is the spark plug gap for an 82 Yamaha it 465?

.6 ~ .7 mmSource : Parts manual, service data

Where can I find a manual for Yamaha ef 600 generator? Register there for more info I have scanned an entire service manual ( not just the owners manual) This is 72 pages for the Yamaha EF 600 generator. I have it in PDF file. E-mail me for a copy. My E-Mail is these sell for $55.00 at the Yamaha web site. I do accept $10.00 dollar donatons.

Need diagram Nissan1985 720 free wheel hub?

right now 9/12/09,theirs a1985 service manual on eBay for 29.95, that's a steal, i paid75.00 for mine from Nissan dealer.

How much fork oil in a Yamaha 1994 yz250?

According to the Yamaha Service Manual 17.6 US oz/18.3 Imp oz per fork is the standard capacity.

What is Yamaha yzf r125 automatic or manual?


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