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Is there a shot or pill a guy would get from a doctor every two months to make him sterile for a certain amount of time?


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2015-07-17 17:32:19
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There isn't any shot/pill for a guy at this time to prevent pregnancy. The only forms of birth control are condoms and vasectomies. There is a very interesting article on this very subject. Copy and paste this website to your browser to read on it, if it doesn't allow you to just click it. I don't think your boyfriend is telling you the truth.

No, there is no shot or pill for a man to become sterile. In about 5-10 years they may release on they are working on, but not at this time. You need to leave this guy. That is an enormous lie! And breast tenderness can be a sign of pregnancy. You should go to a doctor and have a test done. This is very serious. For him to do that is very, very bad.

I knew a guy who just dipped his balls into really hot water for a minute or so, every day. The theory is it kept the sperm from being viable.


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