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== == I think a waterproof paint would be a good idea.

I would use an exterior paint, even though it's inside; because of the moisture. Definitely an exterior paint and a waterproof one would not be a bad idea either.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-25 21:37:54
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Q: Is there a special type of paint to use in a pool house?
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What type of paint will paint on vinyl?

You need special vinyl paint.

Fenway green paint?

This is a special type of paint that is only used in the park. You would have to get special permission to use it.

What type of paint brush or roller should you use with an epoxy paint for a pool?

They make special rollers that are meant for epoxy paints. They should say it on the packaging. In general you want something with a short and strong nap on it.

How do you determine what kind of paint is on your swimming pool?

First you have to determine if is in fact a painted pool. If it is a plaster pool then usually there is no paint unless it was painted because of age and damaged plaster. You most likely do not want to paint a plaster pool - have it acid washed to clean plaster. Not sure how to determine what type paint. You would have to have the paint chips anaylized to determine if it is a chlorinated base paint or epoxy paint. Ken

What type of paint is needed for interior house painting?

The type of paint needed for painting the inside of a house is called interior paint. This type of paint comes in a variety of different colors and textures at a local hardware store or store in the community.

What kind of primer should you use when you paint the outside of your house?

Paint is available today that combines sealer properties with top coat.Determine if the timber on your house will be compatible with this type of paint.Otherwise a water-based primer/sealer is fine,remembering that some timbers require special paint.

What method do I use to exterior paint my house?

The exterior of my house needs a new paint job. I have the color and type of paint, I just dont know the best method to paint it. How do I know what method to exterior paint my house?

Are there different types of swimming pool paint?

They are the same "type" of paint, but the prices can range from cheap to expensive. You can try any pool supply store to see the differences, and price them.

What is the best type of paint for a canvas awning?

There is special paint for canvas. The paint dept in Rona or Home Depot may know and have it.

What type of paint did Warhol use to paint the Campbell's Tomato Soup Can?

It is a silkscreen painting, using special inks.

Is rubber swimming pool paint better then the epoxy refinish?

It is all in the preparation. Why do you want to paint a pool?????Reply to above: WHY PAINT A POOL? Because it's cheaper than re-plastering or otherwise re-surfacing your pool. Because it protects the concrete and/or plaster or fiberglass surface under the paint--if it is a quality paint. Because it revives the original beauty of your pool. Because it helps the surface resist algae and chemical attack on your pool surface-- especially so for a high-gloss premium pool paint. Because painting your pool allows you to modernize it, change color, add personal emblems or decals on the bottom. Lots of reasons to paint your pool. Check out frequently asked pool painting questions at BY THE WAY, GOLDEN POOL PAINT RULE: Rubber-base over rubber-base, epoxy over epoxy, vinyl over vinyl. For best results, do NOT put different types over each other! If your paint type is failing, sandblast and start over with a good quality pool paint.

Exterior House Paint ?

form_title= Exterior House Paint form_header= Paint your home a new color. What color do you want to paint your home?*= _ [50] What type of siding do you have installed?*= _ [50] Do you want eco friendly paint?*= () Yes () No

What type of paint is used to paint tree trunks?

You can use regular latex house paint to protect the trunk and to detect any damage that might occur although there are other special paints that are also insecticides , that kill and repel ants and other destructive bugs.

Can you paint the exterior of your above ground pool if so what kind of paint should be used?

You can paint the exterior of your above ground pool. You will first have to clean it and use sand paper to lightly scruff the surface. You should use an exterior primer to prime the surface, and then an exterior paint designed for the type of surface your are painting to paint it.

What is the best type of paint to use to paint the stairway inside your home?

well to me it depends on what the collor of the walls are in your house or the maincolor when you decide that you have your amswer to the color to paint your house stairs. well to me it depends on what the collor of the walls are in your house or the maincolor when you decide that you have your amswer to the color to paint your house stairs.

What makes boat's float?

A special type of wood called driftwood and the paint

What is a type of paint that lights up like that invisible fluorescent paint but you can paint your walls in your house with and it will stay on just like regular house paint waterproof and stuff?

It is glow in the dark you could buy it at walmart and it works wel!!!!

Can you paint cast iron?

You can paint about anything. Depending on the temperature the iron is getting will say what type of paint you need. (there is special paint for engines) if the iron is going to get extremely hot, you might not find a sutable paint.

What type of paint should you use on masonry?

You should use a special concrete and masonry paint and primer. -Available in Rona and Home Depot.

What paint is best to be used on concrete?

I would like to cover up some concrete from the back of my house. Which type of paint can be used on concrete?

Where can one purchase swimming pool slides?

Swimming pool slides are best purchased at swimming pool stores. Since pools can vary in sizes and shapes, a special pool store could provide the right type of slide.

What is the best type of paint to use to paint the bottom of an indoor pool?

I DO NOT recommend Swimming Pool paint for your swimming pool, Swimming pool paint delaminates, peels, flakes, chalks.. etc. At best it will last 3-5 years. I HIGLY Recommend a product called "ArmorGuard". ArmorGuard is a 100% Solid Epoxy Coating, NOT PAINT. ArmorGuard is Certified Green, NON-TOXIC and ODORLESS. ArmorGuard will NEVER peel, flake, or chalk. and is PERMANENT. This is truly the last coating you will ever need. go to for more information or call 1-888-Eco-Epoxy

What type of concerns or problems should you look for if you are buying a house with an inground concrete pool built in 1980?

Any cracks that are in the pool, and if it leaks. See if you can get anyone to come out and inspect the pool.

What kind of paint should be used on the sides of a pool table?

Most pool tables have surfaces that do not require paint. The table sides are not subjected to any wear, so the actual finish and paint becomes a matter of how much effort you plan to put into it. If the table is wood, the wood finish is the best, so use of a paint indicates a quick and dirty finish, which also means that the type of paint doesn't matter. If the sides are any other type of surface, an acrylic enamel will be long lasting and provide a nice finish.

What type of paint should I use to paint a ingroung pool The pool is a older pool?

The wholesale pool supply stores sell paint specially formulated for pools. I don't know about the do-it-tourself stores. Answ:: In my opinion you would be better off having the pool replastered. k I agree with "K" that you should have it replastered. Answer: I agree wholeheartedly. There are pool paints out there that look simply the beginning. But unless you plan on repainting it each year, why waste the time and money. You're much better off to pay $2000-$3000 and replaster the pool so it will last 10 years or more. Even when maintaining the chemistry on a pool, the paint will begin to show round spots and peel off after about a year. I am willing to answer any pool-related questions at