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No. Once a warrant is issued the clock for prosecution stops. The warrant will stay active until you are either found and arrested or you make arrangements to turn yourself in and handle the problem. One very bad thing about warrants is that they can pop up anytime. It may be uncovered even when you apply for a job.

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Q: Is there a statute of limitation on a bad check warrant in AL?
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Is there a statute of limitation on a bad check warrant in Pa?

i want an answer

Bad check writing statute of limitation in Virginia?

Statue on bad check in virginia

What are the statute of limitations for filing criminal charges on a bad check?

there is no limitation in the state of Ga. if charges have been filed.

Does a bad check ever have a statute of limitation?

Yes, bad checks can be subjected to a statute of limitations. It will depend on the jurisdiction. It can also depend on the amount of the check. Both criminal charges and the debt associated with it can be subject to different limits.

What is the statute of limitations for a writing a bad check in Nevada?

Part of it will depend on the value involved. That has a limitation of 4 years in Nevada.

Statute of limitation for bad check writing in Kentucky?

Kentucky's statute of limitations are very basic and simple. Bad check writing could be a felony if it is a large enough amount. If the crime is a felony of any type there is no limit. Misdemeanors are set at 1 year.

What is the bad check statute of limitations Nebraska?

The statue of limitations for a bad check in the state of Nebraska is 4 years. Other states with a 4 year statue of limitation are Idaho, Illinois, and New Mexico.

Is there a statute of limitations on bad check warrants in the state of TN?

A warrant is issued for an arrest for a particular crime. Until it is resolved in court, it stays on the record.

What is the statute of limitation for bad check charges in TX?

5 years for criminal, but it will never come to that. most likely the check writer will be added to cheksystems, which maintains a database nationally for banks.

What happens to a bad check warrant after the staute of limitations has passed?

How do you KNOW that the statute of limitations has passed? - AND - Are you CERTAIN? My adivce would be: Call the law enforcement agency in the county where you think the warrant was issued and ask.

What is the statute of limitations on a bad check in Alabama?

It will depend on the level of crime that is charged for the check. In Alabama a misdemeanor is set at 12 months. For a felony it is set at 3 years. The statute is met once an indictment or warrant is issued, regardless of whether it can be served immediately or not.

Can a warrant be issued for an arrest after 13 years for a bad check?

A 13-year old is a minor. A check is a legal document. Minors are not allowed to sign legal documents. Therefore a check shouldn't be accepted in the first place from a 13-year old. If one did accept such a check he does so at his own risk, because it's inconceivable to believe that the State would issue a warrant in this type of situation. ADDED: I do not believe the questioner was asking about a 13 year old INDIVIDUAL, but was asking about a 13 year old BAD CHECK. If that is the case; It depends on the statute of limitations for that offense in the state in which the check was 'uttered.' It also depends on if the warrant was issued durng the Statute of Limitatins, because once a warrant was issued it means the charges were filed. If this is the case then there is no statute of limitations. However, as stated above, if 13 years has passed and no charges were filed then the Statute of Limitations has probably expired.

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