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Yes, it's called Mono**. Mono is usually transmitted though saliva and mucus - which is where the "kissing disease" nickname comes from.


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Can kissing be bad?

No kissing is a good thing.... Unless you take it too far at a young age. Just... Don't

What is mononuleosis commonly known as?

The kissing disease.The kissing disease.

What is the name of the kissing disease?

Mononucleosis is the disease most commonly called the kissing disease.

Which disease is often called the kissing disease?

Mononucleosis is often called "the kissing disease".

Is herpes a type of hepatitis?

no herpes is a kissing disease and hepatitis is well not a kissing disease

Can you get any disease by kissing?

well, you can get coldsores, if the person you were kissing had a coldsore breakout while you were kissing him/her.

What disease by Kissing on the cheek?


Can you get any disease from kissing in the mouth?


Can girls get a disease from kissing?


What do you do when you have the kissing disease?

go to the doctor

What is kissing diseas?

It's called Mono. It is called the "kissing disease" because you can get it as easy as just kissing someone.

What disease does a kissing bug carry?

They are potential vectors for Chagas disease

Can you pass gum disease through kissing?


What was mononucleosis first called?

Kissing disease

Can you catch a disease from French kissing?

Lol no

Does chronic bronchitis spread by kissing and smooching?

Chronic bronchitis is a symptom, not a disease. So technically, no you can't catch bronchitis by kissing or smooching. You could catch a disease that causes bronchitis by kissing however.

What is Mononucleosis the disease?

Monoucleosis is a disease that caused by kissing, sharing your drinks, lollipops.

What is mano the disease?

Mono which is also called Infectious Mononucleosis is a kissing disease

What is the other name for mononucleosis?

"Mono" or "the kissing disease."

What is a type of disease in your mouth by kissing someone?


Is making out and snoging the same thing?

Yes, Snogging, French Kissing, Making out and kissing are all generally the same thing.

Can you get a sore throat from kissing?

Not usually but you might have gotten the kissing disease...the name has slipped my mind. It is curable...but contagious.

Can kissing give you zits?

Zits? No, absolutely not. Herpes, however (a sexually transmitted disease that can give you sores on both your genitals and mouth), can be contracted by kissing. Worst of all, you can catch it by kissing when your kissing partner isn't even showing signs. In other words, watch who you're kissing and make sure you can trust that they're disease free.

Can kissing make you sick?

Only if your partner has a disease or cold.

What disease would a person have if they don't want to kiss?

Mononucleosis or mono otherwise known as the kissing disease