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Is there a tooth fairy called tooth mouse?


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yes the mexican tooth fairy is called tooth mouse


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the Tooth Fairy is called La Petite Souris or "The Little Mouse" in France.

The Scottish tooth fairy is called tannfé.

A mouse plays the role of the tooth fairy in Latin America.

In Spain, Raton Perez, or the Perez Mouse, is the equivalent to the tooth fairy. As in America, children leave their tooth under the pillow in the hopes that the Perez Mouse will take it and leave a gift for them while they sleep.

yes the tooth fairy is real there called your birth stones.

No, the tooth fairy is the tooth fairy. Your mom is not a fairy. (Does she have wings?)

It's not a mouse that puts the money under your pillow when you lose a tooth, it's the tooth fairy that does it.

There are a great many facts that can be learned about Spain. Spain for example believes in the tooth mouse instead of the tooth fairy.

It is a little mouse that comes and takes your tooth in the middle of the night in Argentina kind of like a tooth fairy

In early Europe, it was a tradition to bury baby teeth that fell out.[1] Some believe that the Tooth Fairy evolved from the tooth mouse depicted in an 18th century French language fairy tale. In "La Bonne Petite Souris," a mouse changes into a fairy to help a good queen defeat an evil king by hiding under his pillow to torture him and knocking out all his teeth.

The tooth fairy is your parents

You really can't meet the tooth fairy because the tooth fairy isn't real. Sorry but you can't meet the tooth fairy.

the tooth fairy is not real.

of course you can! my friend is the tooth fairy! I am the fairy of answers.

no there is no African tooth fairy there is no tooth fairy at all

The tooth fairy turns your tooth into money :)

yes the tooth fairy is real ur parents r the tooth fairy sweetie.

Sorry to tell you this but the tooth fairy isn't real........... Ya the tooth fairy ISNT real

i think that the tooth fairy gets her power from your teeth or tooth she gets her magic from a tooth

Rituals for the proper disposal of baby teeth have been common all over the world for centuries, but the Tooth Fairy is a uniquely American amalgamation of several myths.Rodents have long been associated with tooth rituals because of their strong teeth, and one of the Tooth Fairy’s precursors is a character in French folklore called La Petite Souris (The Little Mouse). She has origins in a 17th-century fairy tale, and she functions nearly identically to our Tooth Fairy—taking baby teeth from under pillows and leaving a small sum in return.The other main folklore element behind the Tooth Fairy are good fairies, like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, which were popular characters in European folktales. These good fairies and The Little Mouse coalesced into the American Tooth Fairy sometime in the early 1900s.The modern idea of the Tooth Fairy gained traction after World War II, due in part to the increased wealth in that era, and has remained popular ever since.

The film Tooth Fairy was called Zahnfee auf Bewährung in German

the tooth fairy collects teeth

There is no such thing as the stupid tooth fairy

The tooth fairy isn't real

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