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There is NO passenger train service from anywhere to/from Las Vegas.

2013-09-26 04:43:10
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Can you take a train from Chicago Illinois to Lexington Kentucky?


How long is a train ride from to Las Vegas Nevada to Birmingham Alabama?

75 hours! You need to take a bus from the airport to Kingman, AZ. Take one train from Kingman, AZ to Chicago. Another train to Washington, DC. Then one last train to Birmingham, AL.

Is there a train or bus from Dallas Texas to Las Vegas Nevada?

Train although you may have to switch and im not sure for buses

Can you take a train from Las Vegas Nevada to Lewiston Idaho?

no. no one actually lives in las vegas, but bats are known to vacation there.

How many hours by train from Chicago Illinois to atlanta Georgia?

The Amtrak train from Chicago, Illinois, to Atlanta, Georgia, varies depending on the day of the trip. The trip can take from thirteen hours to seventeen hours.

Can I ride a train to Chicago from Tennessee?

There is a 10-11 hour overnight train from Chicago, Illinois to Memphis, Tennessee, but depending on where you want to go in Tennessee, there might not be a train connection.

Can you take a train from Wisconsin to Nevada?

Yes. But, can only do so by going through Chicago.

Can you get from Toronto to Minneapolis by train?

Yes. Take the train from Toronto to Buffalo, New York. Take the train from Buffalo, New York to Chicago, Illinois. Take the train from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Or go to Amtrak .com Via Rail .com and see if there is another way to get from Toronto to Minneapolis.

How much would a train ticket from Nashville Tennessee to Chicago Illinois cost?

There is no passenger train service to Nashville Tennessee.

How long is a train ride from Chicago Illinois to Baltimore Maryland?

I think 16 hours.

How far north does the wabash bluebird train go?

Chicago Dearborn Station in Illinois

Where does McDonald's train its franchise owners?

Hamburger University, in Oak Brook, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

How far is it from Las Vegas NV to Ada OK by train?

Neither Las Vegas, Nevada or Ada, Oklahoma is actually on an Amtrak Train Line, so it would be impossible to get from one to the other by train. It would be a 15-20 hours drive, depending on speed and weather conditions.

When did Edward Faust die?

Edward Faust died on November 23, 1958, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA of hit by train.

How many days do you travel by train from San Francisco California to Chicago Illinois?

it takes 5 days

What is the best Amtrak route from Jacksonville Florida to Las Vegas Nevada?

I am a with some senior person with some disable and want to take a trip. were most of my stay in on the train. would to go Las Vegas or to the canaon

Where can one ride the Metra Train?

One can ride on the Metra train in the city of Chicago, Illinois. More information about the train, including routes, fares, and more, can be found on the official Metra website.

Amtrak train to vegas?

As of 2017, there are no passenger train stations of any kind in Las Vegas.

How long would it take from Chicago to Las Vegas by train?

The Southwest Chief has daily service from Chicago, with a stop in Kingman, Arizona (37 hours). From Kingman, there is connecting Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach service to Las Vegas (about 2 hours, 20 minutes). You get into Las Vegas about 3:10 a.m. but that doesn't matter because it's Las Vegas!

Can you take Amtrak train from New Jersey to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is not served by Amtrak trains. Kingman, AZ is the closest station. If you are leaving from Newark or Trenton, you can take the Cardinal to Chicago. At Chicago, you will switch to the California Zephyr to Kingman, AZ. Amtrak runs thruway bus services to Las Vegas from Kingman.

Where is the Norwood Park Chamber Of Commerce Train Station Foundation in Chicago Illinois located?

The address of the Norwood Park Chamber Of Commerce Train Station Foundation is: 6133 N Nrthwst Hwy Ste A, Chicago, IL 60631-2169

How long does it take to travel by train from New Orleans Louisiana to Las Vegas Nevada?

47 hr, 53 min is the SHORTEST time as per AMTRAK's schedules.

What is distance between Chicago and Brookfield?

The distance from Brookfield Illinois, home of the Brookfield Zoo, to Chicago is 12 miles. This is the distance from Union Station to the Brookfield Prairie Street train station.

Where is the South Side?

The South Side is located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. It is serviced by the famous 'L' train and is home to the Major League Baseball team The Chicago White Sox.

Lincoln body was taken by train to the Illinois capitol?

Lincoln's body was taken on a train to Springfield Illinois