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no there's is no vegetable lard only vegetable oil

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2011-09-05 07:30:01
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Q: Is there a vegetable lard
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Is animal lard heathier than vegetable lard?

Vegetable lard does not exist, its an oxymoron. So animal lard;)

What is vegetable lard?

There is really no such thing as vegetable lard. Lard refers to a fat coming from an animal. There is such thing as vegetable fats, like oil and shortening. Shortening is often called (incorrectly) vegetable lard because its look and consistency is similar to animal lard.

Is lard shortening?

No. Lard is animal fat and shortening is vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated.

Can I use shortening in my Tamales, instead of lard?

Vegetable shortening will work just as well as lard for making tamales, and is ideal when entertaining vegetarians. Vegetable shortening works just like lard and can always be substituted.

What is similar to lard and is healthier?

vegetable shortening (CRISCO)

Is lard the same as crisco?

No. Lard is rendered animal fat (the animal fat is cooked down, then cooled and solidified into lard), while Crisco is a vegetable shortening.

What is better lard or vegetable oil?

of course vegetable oil is better when lard has some chemicals that are harmful to the human digestive system, vegetable oil has the acid in it to keep your stomach well and keep your interior functions working properly.

Did they have vegetable oil in the old world?

No - they used lard which comes from pigs.

Can you substitute lard for crisco in pie crust?

You should be able to use lard instead of vegetable based greases. Many people only make their pie crusts with lard.

Can you use shortening in place of lard?

Shortening is made from hydrogenated vegetable oil, such as soybean oil, while lard is made from animal fat. But you can use shortening in recipes that call for lard.

Do you like lard?

Several groups of people don't eat lard. Lard is made from pig fat. This prevents vegetarians, vegans, Muslims, and Jews from eating products made with lard. A good substitute is vegetable oil shortening.

What can you use instead of vegetable oil in muffins?

Lard or butter will substitute nicely.

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