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Is there a way to change a baquacil pool to a chlorine pool?


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2005-05-14 20:05:04
2005-05-14 20:05:04

If you read the directions from baquacil you will find that yes you can indeed change from baquacil to chlorine. It is extremely important that you use up all the baquacil product and eliminate it from your pool prior to adding the chlorine. I have successful changed over two different systems and chlorine is much less expensive.


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No, you have to replace the sand in your pool filter; otherwise, it will be feeding Baquacil back into the pool all year giving you water problems. Besides which, Baquacil gums up the sand. So, you should replace your sand every year with Baquacil anyways.

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From talking with my spa guy, the only way is to drain, rinse and then refill. This is true for going the other way too. In no way is Baquacil compatible with halides. Just converted this year myself. You need to wait until your Baquacil reading is zero. My pool had a reading that was false (showing Baquacil when none was present) so my dealer had me take a bucket of water and add some chlorine bleach, If their is no reaction, you can start the conversion. I added 2 gallons of shock a day for 5 days and then started with the chlorine tablets. Your pool will turn a murky color and you'll neeed to clean your filter a few times, but it will clear and you'll be on your way.I would have stayed with Baquacil, but I got algae every August and my friends with chlorine had none. Chlorine is a lot cheaper too. I was told from another pool guy in my area, if you have baquacil, let your pool drain and get baquacil really low. Don't add anything else, then when your readings are really low slowly go into chlorine. You can't just throw it in and everything, just gradually. I am HATING baquacil, I read once it is cloudy its murder to get out and THEY were RIGHT. I have almost drained my 16x32 down to the bare to just get the cloud out with drop out. I am starting back immediately with chlorine. More detail is avaiable at, but in brief: Use Chlorine to Raise PPM to ~15. Filter constantly. Don't flip at the bizzare color changes that will occur. Check Clorine several times per day, add more as needed to raise to ~15. Watch filter pressure, backwash when needed. Wait. When water clears, replace filter sand. enjoy your new goop-free pool!

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you would have to convert the pool to saltwater there really is no way to clean it without chlorine

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Use a chlorine reducing agent. You can get them at the pool supply. One is called After Shock, but there are others.

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Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

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