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Charlie is the "phonetic" word for the letter "C" in military. "C" is used to denote a company in either the Marine Corps or the Army. The letter "C" can also denote a troop in the cavalry, such "F" Troop, etc. 15, pronounced One Five (and not fifteen) can be anything from a tank's number, to a radio operator's call sign, an aircraft number, Swift Boat's number, or, and this is stretching it a bit...1st Battalion, 5th Infantry, lst Brigade, 5th these are some possibilities. Charlie company, we don't need too much to worry about, it's either a marine or army outfit. But you'll need to find out what that "15" goes to. Remember, all these numbers and letters used in the military are an ADDRESS, so consider what a person has to deal with without shall we say, a ZIP CODE, or STREET NUMBER, or STREET NAME (AVE, WAY, ST, PLACE, COURT, etc), CITY, and STATE.

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