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you can install a relay or rewire to a switched FUSED 12v source such as your parking lights they will come on when ever the parking lights are on i did the 2nd option worked great probe the wires to the back of the parking lights find the one that only carries current when switch is on

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โˆ™ 2006-07-02 18:02:11
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Q: Is there a way to keep the factory fog lights on while the high beams are on 1999 ZX2 sport?
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What lights do you turn on while driving in fog?

Low beams

What should you do if your head lights go out?

If your headlights go out while you are driving, you can try switching to your high beams. When you get home, you can replace the bulbs.

How do you switch on your fog lights while using highbeams on a 2001 explorer?

Why would you? Fog lights are designed for use in poor driving conditions such as fog or rain at night. Using high beams under those conditions would make matters worse, that's why your vehicles fog lights won't operate when the high beams are on.

How do you turn the fog lights on in a Nissan 300zx?

press on the button under the cruse control that are on the control pod- while you have your low or high beams on.

Interior lights flash on and off while driving your 94 Nissan quest Why?

Maybe a possible factory alarm problem !!

Why do the headlights all come on at once the inboard lights are dim while the outside lights are brighter 1990 suburban has been sitting for last 8 years?

Aren't the headlights SUPPOSE to come on all at once?? Aren't the outside ones the HIGH beams and the inside ones the LOW beams?? Could be a problem in the dimmer switch.

Why does the high beam indicator light come on when you put your 1996 cavalier into drive?

You may be mistaken it for the DDL's (Daytime Driving Lights) They come on while in gear... High beams have a BLUE light on the dash, while, the DDL's have a GREEN light.

What is a low beam?

Well, assuming that you are talking about headlights, the low beams are the dimmest settings for the drive headlights, while high beams are the brightest setting.

Should you only use your low beams while driving in the fog?


How do you work the headlights on the 1999 Lexus rx 300?

Your headlights are operated by twisting the end of your turn signal stalk. One forward rotational click, from the off position, turns your running/parking lights on. The next click turns your running/parking and your head lights on. The third click is "auto". In this positions your lights will turn on and off automatically depending on how much ambient light your vehicle is in while driving. Pushing the turn signal stalk forward turns your high beams on. Pulling it back again turns the high beams off. Your daytime running lights stay on whenever the car is running.

Why would the low beams on a 2000 century go out while all the rest of the lights work when all the fuses and bulbs are still good?

Low beams are used more and simply burn out quicker. Replace the bulbs. Check for a broken/corroded wire in the harrness running across the front header bar from one side to the other, I had the same problem and that's what it was.

How do you turn off fog lights on a 2003 Ford Windstar?

The Windstar is a funny and often problematic minivan. Great design and comfort features but at the end of the day its a problem. Some of the configurations change from model to model. The fog lamps are supposed to turn off when your high beams are on but on the LX and Sport models they will not. Some Windstar also have the switch built in the headlight switch by pulling the knob in or out will others are mounted on the turn switch by pushing forward (which is your high beams). It is also possible that your switch for your high beams is faulting and might have to be replaced. If the fog lamps are on while driving and off while parked then I wouldn't worry to much about it as it won't drain your battery but if they stay on when your lights are off there are 2 solutions (quick fixes) 1. take the bulbs out or 2. run a toggle switch to shut them on or off manually or simply take it ford and have it fixed. I say Ford and not the local garage because you are getting into the electronics and electrical.

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