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yes, just click on dictionary and yeah. :)

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Q: Is there a way to look at all of the words you add to dictionary on Microsoft Word?
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What words define the word is?

Look it up on dictionary

What is a sentence using the word dictionary?

"The dictionary is a book that contains word definitions." "The teacher asked Bobby to look up the word dictionary in the dictionary". "A foreign language dictionary shows translations and similar words."

What method would you use to look up a word in a dictionary?

You would use the alphabet to look up a word in the dictionary because all of the words are in alphabetical order. Just select the first letter of the word and search for that in the dictionary.

Which websites offer lists of the roots and stems of words?

Any online dictionary such as American Heritage Dictionary has the root and stem words on them. All dictionaries have the root words shown. Look up the word dictionary and you will discover the root word.

Look at page from a dictionary?

GUIDE WORDS look at a page from a dictionary

How do you use the word glossary in a sentence?

Look up the definitions of your words in the glossary or in a dictionary.

Where do you go to find the words to the definition?

dictionary or google dictionary: look threw the book until you find the definiton and then look at the word esier google: type in the definition

When does six come after seven?

(1) When Counting backwards.. (2) In the dictionary... when you look up the words in a dictionary.... the word SEVEN is found before the word SIX.......... or the word SIX is found after the word SEVEN

How many words are in the Japanese dictionary?

Depends on which dictionary you look at.

Can you look up the word dictionary in a dictionary?

Yes. It is there in Websters.

How do you get your words into the dictionary?

The dictionaries track new words to see their usage and if they will last. To get into the dictionary your word needs to be used about 25000 times by different sources. when you want to search for a word you can just look for the words printed on the corners of each page.

How do you find a definition?

You find the word in a dictionary and you can look up the word in an on line dictionary.

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