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to make your breasts grow you can try using all lavender products like shampoo, that will still take time, you will start your period soon, it's just natural

you can also drink whole milk...worked for me! i drank 2 glasses a day and gained a size and a half over 8 months.

Trust me Hun ur period is not all fun and games. i know when I was younger I wanted my period to come ASAP but now that I have it i wish I could get childhood back it meant I was a woman... now when I am on my period I am constintly nervous I am going to bleed through my pants and everyone is going to laugh... I don't mean to trash on ur natural way of life but don't rush it take your time and enjoy childhood....

Getting breast u should also not rish I mean u only get the attention from guys ... and not the good kind ... to guys the bigger the boobs the better and to guys better usually mean sex ... so again do not rush everything let nature take it's course.

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Q: Is there a way to make your breasts grow and your period to start quick?
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Do you start your period before you grow your breasts?

No you get breasts first

Is there a way to make your breasts grow and you period to start quick click this question and read the answer please?

You can't make your period go faster but you can help it by staying hydrated and staying healthy and being prepared

Will your breasts grow after your period?

Breasts grow during puberty and is not linked to menstruation that way.

Will your breasts grow when im on your period?

No it will not grow any more.

What is the best way for a kid to make their breasts grow bigger?

There is no method to have a child grow breasts. Breasts begin to grow with the start of puberty and it is the hormones that tell the body to grow breasts, have a period and to change the body from a girl to a woman. You will just have to wait for puberty. Enjoy being a kid because you will be an adult for 80+ years.

How do you get breasts at 11?

Breasts does not start to grow until you are in puberty.

Do your breasts grow when you are on your period?

Having your period is the sign that means that you are starting your puberty. Puberty includes breast development, so your breast will start growing when you are having your period.

What age do your breasts grow?

They start to grow around 9.

When you need a bra does your period start?

No, the two are not correlated events. Some women get their period as early as age seven, well before they might form breasts. Some women might get their period before they grow breasts, too. Everyone is different.

How do girl breasts grow big?

When you start to hit puberty is when they grow.

How much will breasts grow after receiving your period?

Your breasts will grow about double the speed of your nomal growth. Be sure to get a bra to support your breasts and do a Self Breast Exam every week!

What grows because of puberty?

Your breasts greatly increase in size, you start to get hair in your pubic area, you start to get hair under your arms, you grow taller, your hips widen, and you start our period

What will happen when the girl hits puberty besides the period?

Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs. Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs.

Is it normal if your breasts hurt while they grow?

Yes! It is perfectly normal. You have to think your breasts grow at a pretty quick rate. Could you imagine the growing pains you would have if you grew in height as much as your breasts grew? It is nothing to worry about.

What happend to girls during puberty?

The first thing is that girls have their first period. Hair grows in pubic areas. Also breasts start to grow .

How do you know when breasts start to grow?

Look down and poke.

When are you going to start your period?

The start of puberty is when your breasts start to grow and you begin to grow pubic hair! Every girl has their period at different ages some as early as 8 and some as late as 19! About a year and a half before your period you would notice some thick white mucous discharge coming from your vagina! When it happens it happens be glad not to have it yet!

How much longer will your breasts grow after your first period?

i believe until your 18

When do girls grow their breasts?

Right around the time they get their period, and they will likely continue to grow until the girl is about 18.

What does it mean when your breasts hurt and itch?

either your about to get your period or your boobs are about to grow

What are the signs 2 or 3 months before first period?

There aren't really any signs that far ahead. Usually its about 2 years after your breasts start to grow

How do you get your breasts to grow larger?

You can not grow larger breasts. You can grow the muscles under the breasts with some exercise. So learn to live with the breasts you have.

How do you get your breasts to start growing?

You can't really make your breasts grow, unless you have surgery, but you can use toilet paper as a substitute.

Can a girl start her period without her body changing first?

yes i personally have started my period with very few changes in my body.

What happens when your breasts grow?

It is normal for your breasts to get larger as you grow.