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Is there a way to narrow down the 311a between 1948-1968 wo?


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Quoting from the Standard Catalog of Firearms - Collectors will find a date code stamped on every double-barrel shotgun in the Stevens brands produced between March 1949 and December 1968. Usually, it is behind the hinge pin or ahead of the triggerguard on the bottom of the frame. It will appear as a small circle containing a number and letter. The letters correspond to the years shown in the following table. Significance of the numbers is not known. A-1949 B-1950 C-1951 D-1952 E-1953 F-1954 G-1955 H-1956 I-1957 J-1958 K-1959 L-1960 M-1961 N-1962 P-1963 R-1964 S-1965 T-1966 U-1967 V-1968.


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