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Is there a way to reset the computer on a 98' Range Rover when you have a EAS fault you think its just a air bag leek and would like to drive it for a while instead of fixing it?


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Ideally you would fix the air bag leak (replace with second hand unit). You can actually pump up the whole system manually. It's a bit fiddely though it can be done. Instructions are at The system will only stay at the one height, and the computer will not operate anything.

Either which way you go, you would need to fix up the problem before you get the fault code cleared.


It is now possible to reset the EAS faut and correct the suspension problems on your own at home. I have developed tools and software that a windows PC can run. With these software and hardware tools, the Range Rover owner can reset the EAS, read the EAS faults and re-calibrate the EAS ride heights. Complete details are available at;

The software is called EASunlock

The Hardware is called the EAS Buddy Box