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IF there is, you will have to work it out with the LENDER. Some CASH should help the lender make a decision in your favor.

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Q: Is there a way to work out the remaining of the loan when the loan is past 4 months and you only owe less than 3000?
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Is it a good idea to get an auto refinance loan if I have less than fifteen months left on my loan?

With less than 15 months remaining on your loan it might not make sense to refinance your loan. The best thing you can do is to run the numbers and see what rate you come up with.

Where can i get a loan with Bad credit 3000 loan pay back in 12 months?

What is the payment for a 3000 loan for 18 months?

Depends mostly on the interest rate. There are quite a few banks that have loan calculators on their website.

What is the refund fraction for a 55 month loan that is paid off with 15 months remaining?


Where do you stand if repossessed truck is sold for less then the loan?

You are responsible for the remaining balance of what the vehicle sells for and what you owed when it was repo'd.

How many loanwords do English loan?


How do you refinance a student loan?

when does Everest send out my remaining balance for my student loan

What happens if you haven't paid the remaining balance after the repossession?

"remaining balance" as in what you are behind OR the remaining balance due on the loan??

How do you find details of an old loan when you have no details of it?

Aslam-o-Alikum, I want to remaining loan

What is half loan?

it is when you loan animal but you go down less to look after it and you pay less, and when you half loan usually someone can half loan with you!

What is the APR on a loan from Brentwood Bank?

The APR on a loan from Brentwood Bank varies on the type of loan and term length. For instance, a home equity term loan for 36 months is at 2.990%. An unsecured loan for 26 months is 9.75% and a 30 year mortgage loan starts at 4.26%.

What is a performance deposit on a car repossion?

A performance deposit is to ensure the contract if followed and will come off the cost of the car. Its usually the lesser of three months payments or on third of the remaining loan on the car.

What happens to remaining payments if you trade car in?

The remaining payments are usually rolled into your new car loan. The dealership cannot transfer the title into their name without the vehicle loan being paid off.

Existing Loan Calculator?

Existing Loan Calculator Use this calculator to analyze one of your existing loans. Calculate your remaining balance based on the number of monthly payments you have remaining. You can then click on the "View Report" button for a complete, payment by payment, amortization schedule of your loan.

How long does it take after you pay off chapter 13 bankruptcy to get your papers and titles on your cars?

Chapter 13 goes up to 60 months but it can be shorter. You will receive the title to your cars when the loan is paid off. Often a car loan is not amended by the bankruptcy, and most loans are less than 60 months.

When someone is a cosigner on the loan of your car does that mean he owns any part of it?

when you cosign on any kind of loan you dont have to pay anything unless the person you cosigned for does not pay the loan, then you are responsible for that the remaining balance on the loan

If the cosigner has had possession of vehicle 15 months paying the payments does the primary have the right to the vehicle?

will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle

Is it legal for the car to be repossessed and still require payments to be made?

Generally, if the car was sold for less than the amount owed on the loan the lender may demand that you pay the remaining balance owed.

Can I apply for a $5,000.00 loan and pay it in 36 months?

You can apply for a loan and pay it off in 36 months, however if you have a low credit score you may be denied.

What are the advantages to an amortization loan?

The advantages of an amortization loan is that there is much less of a credit risk and there is also much less of an interest rate risk because the loan is paid quicker so there is less effect from the interest rate.

Can a finance company continue to charge interest on the loan after a vehicle has been voluntarily surrendered?

Yes. The interest is charged on the money owed to them. When you surrender a vehicle, they sell it, and it often goes to a wholesale auction, which means they're going to get less than the remaining balance. You're still liable for that remaining balance, under the same terms and conditions as what was agreed to when the loan was made.

Can the cosigner be taken off the auto loan contract if stated and the loan is in good standing for 12 months?

No the co-signer is on for the life of the loan

If your balance on your car includes the interest for the remaining eight monthsleft on loan will you have to pay that amount if you are paying the car off eight months early?

Was there a special provision which stated all additional interest charges required to be paid when you bought the car? If not you don't pay the interest if you pay the loan off early.

If your car is repossessed and sold for less than the amount owed do you have to pay the difference?

Yes. The borrower is responsible for the entire loan amount. The car is considered collateral for the loan. This does not imply that the loan value cannot exceed the collateral value. In fact this happens on almost every car loan, especially with new cars. The lender can repossess the car and sell it. They are required to apply the proceeds from the sale to the loan principal, but any remaining balance is the borrower's responsibility.

Does the repossession debt get immediately charged off?

No, the vehicle will be sold at auction and after expenses are paid, any money left will be applied to the loan amount. You will still be responsible for the remaining amount of the loan. If you don't pay off the remaining amount of the loan, the debt will be turned in to a collection agency and possibly court action will be initiated.