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Sorry to say this but your hands are tied until you bring her to court and have the children evaluated which could they quite some time. I am assuming you have not been awarded custody of them. If custody has not been resolved in the courts then I would remove them from that house. It happened to me and the constant brain washing (by their natural mother) affected my 2 daughters so much that they actually sided with their step-mother when I told them I was filing for a Divorce due to her cheating and aborting a baby that wasn't mine. If custody was decided by the court it can be reversed but as you know it takes time. * A complaint can be filed with the state's department of children's and family services requesting an investigation. If the primary caregiver has legal custody the child(ren) cannot be taken from the residence only as designated in the court order (such as visitation). The exception is a case of abuse which MUST be handled by the agency with jurisdiction. National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453, If the minor child/children are in danger of or have been subjected to physical injury the local police or 911 should be contacted immediately.

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Q: Is there a way you can have your wife removed from the house for verbal abuse towards your children if you do not live there and cannot stand to see what is happening to them?
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