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Q: Is there a website other than the Ancestry Ellis Island and Mormon Church sites to search ancestral entries into the Port of Newark New Jersey?
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What term is used to refer to structures that have a similar origin or ancestry even though they may be very different in appearance?


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There was no 'church' and Israel was in northern Palestine. Hebrews who had been deported to Babylon by the Babylonians were allowed to return to Jerusalem to attempt to reclaim ancestral lands, and on the side rebuilt the destroyed temple.

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No! He was of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, his mother became a Jehova's witness, but Dwight D. Eisenhower was not a member of any organized church.

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After a thorough search, it appears this church does not have a website.

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The official website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is This site is aimed mostly toward members of the Church. The Church operates another website to introduce it's doctrine to visitors, it is There are several other websites operated by the Church for various reasons. A list of these links can be found below under "Related Links".

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The VietCatholic website is a Catholic Church religion site in Vietnam. It carries Catholic news about the church, both worldwide and local to Vietnam.

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Wilson Waters has written: 'Historical sketch of the founding of All Saints' Church, Chelmsford, Mass' -- subject(s): All Saints' Church (Chelmsford, Mass.), Church history 'The history of Saint Luke's Church, Marietta, Ohio' 'Ancestry of the Waters family, of Marietta, Ohio'

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The stained glass window is a piece of art, so it should have a name and an artist. See if yu can figure that out either from the church website or a website talking about the history of the church as a whole. Then you can go from there.

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Information relating to Catholics, the Catholic Church and religion in general can be found on the CathNews website. CathNews is a service of church resources for Catholics. It is based out of Australia.

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The Way of Truth dot org is a website for The Way of Truth Publishers. It is a part of the church, Church of God inc. The website provides sermons and ministry tools for people to use.

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William Heidgerd has written: 'Roots of the New Paltz Church' -- subject(s): New York Reformed Church of New Paltz 'From the records of the American ancestry of John Mason Moler'

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I recommend looking at the Church's website, especially the page on the Related Link below.

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The website for the church is below. Perhaps you can find the name of the pastor there.

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The website says "an independent charismatic" church.

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