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No, unless the couple start their own website. Some young people who are getting married may have a website you can go too (written on their wedding invitations) for gift giving. The most personal way to give a couple money for their anniversary is send a nice card and a Money Order (NEVER CASH OR CHECK. Put it in both their married names even though they may not be married yet. Example: Jack and Tracy Kindell

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Q: Is there a website that allows others to give money for a couple who is celebrating their anniversary?
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How long has a couple been married if they are celebrating their ruby anniversary?

27 years

Is it correct to say happy anniversary to congratulate someone on her birthday?

No, you say Happy Birthday to someone to congratulate them on their birthday. You say Happy Anniversary to a couple who are celebrating their anniversary together.

If a couple was celebrating their silver wedding anniversary how many years would that be?

* A silver wedding anniversary is 25 years * A gold (or golden) wedding anniversary is 50 years * A diamond wedding anniversary is 60 years

What gift give to couple for anniversary?

You can give a couple a freezer for their anniversary.

What to buy for a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary?

They say that on a 60th wedding anniversary that the symbol for a gift is the diamond. A simple gift would be a picture frame that they could put their picture of their special day or a picture of their grandchildren, if any.

What can you buy a couple for tenth anniversary?

Anniversary gifts vary by the couple you are giving them to. A traditional tenth anniversary gift includes something in a tin container.

Would an anniversary party be a good idea for someone who eloped three years ago?

* It is a wonderful idea and there is no standard etiquette for giving an anniversary party for someone that has eloped even if it was three years ago. The couple would be surprised and their family, relatives and friends would enjoy celebrating their three year wedding anniversary.

Are there online shopping websites that are specific to wedding anniversary gifts?

There are two websites which specialize in general wedding anniversary gifts: and The website gives you ideas of anniversary gifts based on how long the couple has been married.

If a couple celebrates their ruby anniversary how long have they been married for?

if a couple celcbrates their ruby anniversary how ling have they been married?

What is offered on the website CDPoker?

There are many services that are offered to users on CDPoker's website. A couple of things that this website allows users to do is enroll into a casino school and play online poker tournaments.

Is a 40th anniversary party appropriate?

The 40th wedding anniversary or "Ruby Anniversary" is a milestone year and celebrating with a party is certainly appropriate, although you might not want to go "all out" as you would with a 50th anniversary party, unless there may be reasons such as poor health or illness that you would feel a couple might not make it to their golden anniversary.The traditional and modern gifts are ruby, the gemstone is ruby and the flower is nasturtium. Holding a simple buffet dinner with a red or burgundy theme with family and close friends would be an appropriate way to celebrate. Family could also take out the honored couple to their favorite restaurant.

Is it okay to say happy anniversary to a couple?

Yes it is.

What wedding anniversarys do you celebrate?

Wedding Anniversaries that are special and celebrated:The young couple will find the first Wedding Anniversary special to them, but it is not a special Anniversary to celebrate unless the couple wish too with a few friends. The Silver Wedding Anniversary is 25 years; the 40th Wedding Anniversary and the Golden Wedding Anniversary is 50 years.

What do you call the 23rd wedding anniversary of a couple?

Silver Plated

How do you spell cople?

The correct spelling is couple.Sally packed a couple pairs of slacks.The couple celebrated the anniversary of their first date.

When is Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas's anniversary?

They don't have an anniversary because they aren't married and because they arnt a couple anymore.

What is guest responsbility at 50 wedding anniversary?

Unless the anniversary couple has specifically requested no gifts, then it is customary for the guests to provide an appropriate gift for a 50 year anniversary (the GOLDEN anniversary, one of the most important.)

What is the possessive form of the word couple?

The possessive form for the noun couple is couple's.Example: The couple's anniversary is this week.

What movie do an annoying couple sing happy anniversary?

The Haunted Mansion

Does the couple celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary pay for the party?

They really should not be paying for their 50th wedding anniversary party. Family and/or close friends should chip in. If money is tight, hold a pot luck buffet dinner at someone's home or rent a church hall. Everyone (those who want to) can share a favorite story about some event they shared with the couple.Family + friends + homemade food + warm memories = one heckuva a good party.

Is there a symbol for the 90th anniversary?

Traditional anniversary symbols are based on years married and typically only go up to 75 (most people don't live long enough to be married longer). I was interested in this question since the choral society I belong to will be celebrating its 90th anniversary. I did find a couple references on the web that 90 was diamond and emerald (but listed as a modern symbol, not traditional). For a wedding anniversary gift you could go with jewelry with diamonds and emeralds in it. For an anniversary symbol for our choral society celebration I will probably suggest "Double Sapphire" since sapphire is for 45 years (2 times 45).

What are the ratings and certificates for The Little Couple - 2009 Big Apple Anniversary 4-11?

The Little Couple - 2009 Big Apple Anniversary 4-11 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What are the ratings and certificates for The Little Couple - 2009 One Year Anniversary 1-6?

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What is the first anniversary of a married couple?

The first anniversary is known as your Paper Anniversary. A fantastic card but for the lady a lovely bunch of her favorite flowers, chocolates or a special dinner would make her happy.

If a couple celebrates their silver anniversary how long have they been married for?

25 years :)