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Is there a website to find out approximate cost of dental work and dentures privately?


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2006-09-07 05:58:09
2006-09-07 05:58:09

You didn't say where you lived. I just had a lot of work done on my teeth. The front on the top and bottom were capped and I have upper and lower partials and it cost me $12,000 CDN. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't have a dental plan here in Canada and I know things are tough in the health care area for Americans. If you really need to get your teeth attended too then I suggest you snoop around different banks for a good interest rate on a "Line Of Credit". That's what I did. It's a type of loan, but a very low interest rate attached to it. Between my Canadian Pension Plan money and my Retirement check coming in soon I'll have the loan paid off quite quickly.


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