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No, there are no websites that offer social security numbers. The only way to obtain your social security number is to take your birth certificate and other documents to a social security office.

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Q: Is there a website where you can find your own Social Security number?
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Where can one find the social security number verification service?

One can find social security number verification service by going to the official website of the U.S. Social Security. One needs to register and log in to get the verification.

How do you find out a social security number by name?

how to find deceased social security number

Where can I find a social security index?

No there is not. You will have to email or phone the company that you go your social security from. You will have to check the company's website for their phone number and email information.

How do you find where someone is employed using their social security number?

You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

Is there a website that can tell me what my social security benefits are?

The social security office can help you find that information out. You would have to call them to find out and they can mail you out a social security statement showing you what your benefits are.

Where can I find a social security attorney in Leesburg, WV?

To find a social security attorney in any town or state you can go to this website: it is a website where you can search and locate them.

Which website can inform me about social security disability?

The website you are most likely going to get the most accurate information from is That is the official social security website where you will be able to find anything about social security including disability benefits.

Where can I find a website to read about how social security benefits are taxable or not?

A great website to help you find information and advice for social security benefits is This website has lots of information that will help you with your taxes.

Can someone find you through your social security number?

people can do almost ANYTHING if they have your social security number

Where can someone find information about Social Security admin?

Someone can find information about Social Security admin on the official Social Security website of the United States. One can also find information about this on Wikipedia.

Does a background find social security number?

As you ask, it is not possible if someone try to fing general background can find Social Security number. Only Social Security Authority or Government Authority can find it if it is needed or you requested it.

Where can one find a social security calculator?

There are no true Social Security calculators, there are only ones that will help estimate what your benefits/payments will be. The Social Security website has one but until you apply for any benefits any number it provided you will not be concrete.

Can you find out your employment history through your social security number?

I would like to know if by using your social security number can you find your employment history?

How can you find your daughters social security number?

take her birth certificate to the social security office and file for a new social security card. if she is in school they should also have that number.

How can you find out who a social security number belongs to?

All social security numbers belong to the federal government.

How do you find out family card number?

A person can find out their family members social security card number by asking the family member. A social security number should be kept confidential.

How do you find your social security number if you are a kid?

Your parents should have this information. Also, the Social Security Office has this information, however, you may need an adult to get your social security number. The best answer I can give you is to call your local Social Security Office.

Where can I get a Social Security Card?

if you find out let me know. i still can't find it. You can actually apply for a social security card right through the Social Security Administration's office. Check their website for an application.

How can you find out if a Social Security number belongs to the right person?

You can verify if a name matches with a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration.

Where can one ask social security questions online?

You can ask questions related to social security by visiting you government website for where you live and there will be a section that allows you to view social security question and answers as well as commonly asked questions and facts. You will also be able to find a find a phone number to contact a representative.

How can you find out were someone is working?

social security number

Can I file a social security card application online?

You can find the application for a social security card online, but you cannot submit it online. if you go to the social security website, you can find the application in pdf format and the address of where to send the form to.

Where can I find more information online about social security retirement?

The Social Security Retirement Planner, website, is a government-run website that has everything you need to know about social security retirement. The site helps you plan and know how much you will be getting for retirement.

Can someone find out what your social security number if given the number on the back of the social security card?

No. The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

How do you obtain the info by social security number if they had life ins?

im trying to find out if a family member had life insurance by using their social security number

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