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Yes, there are many and Debbie Travi's Painted house is one, and another one I like is "Designer Guys." A good furniture store you can buy nice lamps, tables, etc., from is "Elte" in Toronto, Canada. I just bought 2 beautiful lamps from there and they deliver all over the world.

AnswerIn case you mean planning the furniture layout and not decorating the bedroom, the Better Homes and Gardens website has a feature where you can create a floor plan of any room, and add your furniture. They also have lots of articles and suggestions on decorating AnswerI found a great article which can help you with the design you need. The article points to a web product which helps you design the room and furniture etc. just like a pro. Instead of paying a lot of money t a designer you can do most of the work alone. I added relevant links in the links section. AnswerIKEA is also great for planning bedrooms. Although mostly if you're using their furniture.
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Q: Is there a website where you can get help designing a bedroom?
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Office Furniture Concepts has a space planner on their website. I'm not sure if it's of any help, but if you go to you might be able to use the space planner to plan out your bedroom. Good luck!

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