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Is there a website where you can get information about the Matrix film series?


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The internet Movie database can answer all your questions about the Matrix. Just put matrix in the search bar under title in the pull down menu. Happy hunting! Another site you might want to check out is Rotten Tomatoes at It is my favorite movie site, where I frequently look up info.


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Matrix Revolution is the third and final film of the Matrix series. and it's called The Matrix Revolutions not revolution. just fyi.

There was no confirmed information by the creators that there was going to be another Matrix film.

Escaflowne is a Japanese fantasy cartoon film released in 2000. It is based on the television series of the same name. Information on both the film and TV series can be found on its own Wiki website.

The Matrix is a science fiction film.

The Matrix, like every film that is not a documentary, is a work of fiction.

Yes. He is the principal protagonist who went by the hacker name "Neo" in The Matrix film series.

The film The Matrix Revolutions is a 2003 American-Australian science fiction action film and the third installment of The Matrix trilogy. The film was written and directed by the Wachowski brothers.

The second movie in the Matrix trilogy was The Matrix Reloaded.

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The Matrix was released in 1999. The Matrix Reloaded was released in May 2003, and The Matrix Revolutions released in November 2003.

The film The Matrix was released on March 31, 1999.

No, Tom Hanks does not appear in the film The Matrix. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss.

A synopsis for the film known as Maine Pyar Kyun Kia released in 2005 can be found on the wikipedia website or on the imdb film website. These website also alot more information about the film.

There are technically 4 Matrix movies, but only 3 theater Matrix film movies, the fourth was a sort of anime Matrix movie.

I'm srry but the trailer was a fraud. theres ot going to be a 4th matrix film :[

Yes, the third one is called The Matrix Revolutions released in 2003.

No confirmed information about a game or movie has been released to the public so I suppose people will have to wait and find out.

The second Matrix film, entitled The Matrix Reloaded, is 138 minutes long - that is, 2 hours 18 minutes.

The Matrix Revolutions is a 2003 film released November 5, 2003 .

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Larry and Andy Wachowski were the directors and they were filmed in Australia.

The second movie is called The Matrix Reloaded released in 2003 of May 15th.

The Matrix won the Oscar for Film Editing in 1999.

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