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Q: Is there a website where you can type in computer specs and find a computer?
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Where could one find information on PC maintenance?

There are a few websites where one can find information on how to keep up to date with preventive maintenance for their computer. One can find such information on the maintenance section of the Microsoft website or on the 'Kontech IT Services' website.

Where do you find this website?

type in the website

What do you get when you type into your computer?

Nothing as it is not a website.

What type of cord should you use from computer to printer with usb port only?

Go on the maker's website, you should find the type of USB cable you need there.

What website can you talk to your computer?

if you wanna type to your computer and it responds go to

What are the words to going toget this - Hannah Montana?

to find out just look it up on youtube or some type of music website on the computer

What website to type school papers on the computer?


What is a good website to find cheats?

Just type in and click on the, ps2, etc. they also have computer cheats too.

What is a website where you type something and your computer reads it?

Google Translator.

What type of software helps you upload your website to a server?

A computer :)

Where can you find or crank shaft specs?

What you look into what year what type of car you have get a owner's manual and look it up

How do you find out what year your apple computer is?

Go to Type in your computer's serial no. (it tells you how) and it will tell you your year and computer type.