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Is there a word with double h?

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"Withhold" and its derivatives.

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A word with a double h in it?

the only word with double h in it is sex

Is Hi a double vowel word?

no. h is not a vowel

What word have double consonant letter h?


What is another word for heck?

h-e double hockey sticks

Double h words?

Withhold has a double h.

What word beginning with H has a double consonant?

Hobby, hubby, hugged, haggle, hottest and hatter are words. They contain a double consonant.

Does C2H4 contain single double or triple bonds?

Double bonds. H H | | C=C | | H H Single bonds are C(n)H(2n+2) Double bonds are C(n)H(2n) Tripple bonds are C(n)H(2n-2)

What is the molecular shape for ch2 double bond c double bond ch2?

h | h-c=o

What are some scrabble words the have the letters j and h?

well, the words hajj or hajji would be umpressive on a double or triple word

How do you know if a word is double consonant?

A word is not a double consonant, a word can have a double consonant.discussion, middle, pollution - have double consonants.

Is hore the h word?

It's spelled "whore". There is no "h word", although fundie christians tend to call hell the "h word".

What is the history about the word nom?

It is a word used by me for all types of things! (nom-noms are french fries) H-e-(double nom- noms) --> the Nommy Kit Kat

What word has double c double s and double l?

Word that has double c double s and double l: successfully.

What is the phonetic word for the letter H?

The phonetic word for the letter H is Hotel.

A biology word that starts with H?

A biology word that starts with H: human

Words with double h?


What is the duration of H-E Double Hockey Sticks?

The duration of H-E Double Hockey Sticks is 1.6 hours.

What attractive word that starts with H?

h- harsh h-humble

What part of speech is H?

H is a letter, not a word. To be a part of speech, it needs to be a word.

Words containing double h?

Some words with a double 'h' are:bathhousefishhookhitchhikerhighhandedroughhewnroughhouseshhwithhold

When was H-E Double Hockey Sticks created?

H-E Double Hockey Sticks was created on 1999-10-03.

What is the h word?

You probably mean 'h-ll'.

Is there a word with a double Y in English?

A word with a double Y: sayyid.

Is Matt hardy right now going out with a diva?

heck no!!!!!!!!! I can't say the h.. e.. double ll word because I'm at school

What was Henry Hudson's nickname?

double h