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No. If you Google "pokesav download" and download it you can make a code that will replace it with a different Pokemon if its in your party, or you could use the wild Pokemon modifier code to catch the one you want. (sorry i don't have the codes)

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Where you get mudkip Pokemon ruby?

Choose it as a starter, trade for it or use a gameshark code

Is there an action replay code to choose your starter in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

no i dont think

Where can you catch a turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

There is if you have the action replay. Use the wild Pokemon modifier code and there is an advanced Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon platinum. If you don't have the action replay then you can't. You have to choose him as starter from Prof. Rowan.

Is there an action replay cheat that will allow you to change the starter Pokemon in Pokemon soulsilver?

No, there's no code that can change the starter Pokemon. You can, however, use an encounter code to receive a certain starter.

Is there an action replay code for getting jirachi as your starter Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

i dont know but the action reply i get you can choose the level of jirachi and i can get anywhere i have three

Is there a replay code for having all starter Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?


How do you get the three starter Pokemon in crystal?

type this code 010075DA and now u can get all three starter Pokemon

How do you catch a Squirtle on Pokemon Blue?

you cant you can only get it 3 ways 1.choose it as your starter for it 3.gameshark code 0DD2D1B5

How long does it take to get a shiny starter pokemon?

you can never get a shiny starter pokemon, but i think you can if you use an action replay code

Is there an AR code to choose starters again in heartgold?

if you stick a penis into the nintendo ds and ejaculate, the little sperms evolve into the starter pokemon and are released into the wild

What is the code of empoleon in diamond?

I'm sorry but there is no code for empoleon the only way to get one is to choose starter Pokemon piplup and evolve it twice. um maby search all for codes on an empoleon card

Can you find a second johto starter Pokemon in Pokemon heart gold version?

Yes you can by using action replay to catch your rivals starter Pokemon with the code for catching trainers Pokemon

How do get all three starter Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

Use a VBA gameshark code

How do you choose an area code for your Sprint phone?

Normally, you choose the area code that you live in, but you can choose a different area code if you want your phone number to be associated with a different specific city.

What is the Pokemon modifier code?

The Pokemon Modifier Code is an action replay code that allows you to choose your own Pokemon. If you insert the correct code, you get 493 master balls and 100 ultra balls. Ultra balls choose the level, and the master balls choose the pokemon. Say you want Machamp, you subtract 493-425 which ='s 68, Machamps number.

What is the code to choose the Pokemon you want and the level on Pokemon pearl?


Action replay code how to get all Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

you cant. there is no code uet. but there is a code for seeing ANY POKEMON you want at the level you choose in the tall grass.

Can you get the three starter Pokemon platinum?

At the start of the game, Professor Rowan allows you to pick one starter Pokemon, but you can trade for the other starters using GTS, or you can breed your starter and then trade for another, also over the Global Trade System. Or, you can take the cheater way, and: 1) Use an Action Replay code, and steal other trainers' Pokemon (hence, your rival will also choose a starter- Turtwig, Piplup, or Chimchar.) 2) Get an Action Replay code that allows you to get any Pokemon you want from the Fossil Man in the Oreburgh Mining Museum in Oreburgh City. Hope this information helps!

What is the action replay code for all starter Pokemon in Platinum?

First is 567pokechhskshks

Where can you catch Cyndaquil in Pokemon Crystal?

You can only get it from a starter or an action replay code.

On Pokemon Platinum where can you catch a piplup?

You can't catch a Piplup in the wild, the only way is to choose it as a starter or send it from another D/P/Pt version that chose it as starter. Or if you have an action replay you can use the code steal other players Pokemon and face a girl by the rode to eterna forest that has a piplup and steal her Pokemon. Or if you have the full Pokemon modifier code you can type in the national pokedex number for it and the level you want it and then you can get a piplup. Same with other Pokemon. P.S. you don't actually steal their Pokemon, you get a copy of it.

Is there a way to breed a starter Pokemon you didn't start with?

no unless you have a code to catch een other trainer's Pokemon

What is the Pokemon platinum action replay code Catch any starter from Johto.?

there is'nt an action replay code

Is there a ar code to get starter Pokemon from other gba games on platinum?

Yes there is a code for that. However I do not have it. Check on

What action replay code is there to get all starter Pokemon is heart gold?

You can't. It is impossible, even with an Action Replay Code.

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