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In the UK there is no such thing as an International Driving Licence - your UK licence is valid throughout Europe

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Q: Is there an age limit for driving abroad with a UK driver's license?
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What happens if I am caught driving at 15?

if your are caught driving and you are under the age limit to get a permit you will never be able to get a drivers license.

What age do you have to be to get your drivers license?

The age limit varies by state.

Does the age limit for drivers license change next year?

will the age limit change in 2009?

Age limit for driving abroad?

Whatever the age limnit is for the country in which you will be wanting to drive.

What is the maximum age limit for driving license in india?


Maximum age limit for getting a driving license in India?

What is the maximum age limit for getting a driving licence for driving a commercial vehicle in India

What is Washington's drivers license age limit?

16 but i think in 2008 it will be 17

What is the age limit to obtain student driving license in Tamil nadu?


Is the legal Blood Alcohol Content lower for drivers with a Commercial Drivers license?

yes in Michigan if you have a commercial drivers license the limit is .04 whether you are in your big rig or your own personal vehicle. If you don't have a cdl a the limit is .08. As soon as you obtain your cdl it's cut in half

What is the age limit to add a child who does not live with you to your auto policy?

You add them when they get their drivers license, or anytime after that.

How many chances you get to pass drivers license?

In most countries there is no limit to the number of attempts you can make

Is 18mph over the speed limit reckless driving in Indiana?

No, Reckless driving must be proven by to the drivers driving behavior and the surroundings at that time.

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