Is there an alternative to latex condoms if you are allergic?


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If you're looking only for birth control protection, you've got four choices, three of which will be discussed below:

The first is another form of birth control. Before you move away from condoms, you need to know the VD/AIDS status of everyone you're having sex with. If you two are monogamous, meaning you don't sleep with anyone else, this is pretty easy. If either of you have sex with multiple partners, you HAVE to use condoms every time you have sex. No options.

The second is the Skin Condom. It's made from sheep intestines. Very expensive--like $2.50 per condom expensive--and they're porous so viruses and germs go right through hence they are no good for disease prevention. But for birth control in a monogamous relationship these are excellent--you can feel each other much better with a skin condom than with a latex one, so sex with a skin condom is really good.

Third is the polyurethane condom. When these came out they were awful--they were fragile and you couldn't feel a damn thing through one. Now they use a much better polymer and I think they're better than latex ones as they transfer heat better. The sweet thing about polyurethane condoms is they're not sensitive to petroleum-based lubricants like latex ones are. A lot of people like scented massage oil during foreplay; it's basically floral-scented baby oil. It will eat right through a latex condom, but it won't do anything to a polyurethane one. These are not available in textures, ribs, studs or other novelty shapes, just plain for now. Also, if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is too big to fit in a poly condom, you are SOL. They only come in one size. Most men will fit in one, but for the more well endowed, well, sleep with someone else.

And fourth is the female condom. Sold as Reality, these are also polyurethane. These are for women who sleep with jerks. If the loser guy you're with won't use a condom, you can put this thing in place, which requires a minor in engineering to accomplish, and have some sort of protection. They're available but they're really expensive.

If I needed non-latex protection, I'd use polyurethane male condoms. They work (better than latex, in my opinion) and they're not outrageously expensive.

There isn't another type of condoms that I am aware of, but there are other forms of birth control. Condoms are your best bet against STDs though. Talk to the pharmacist or your doctor and see if there are other alternatives.


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Yes, if you are allergic to latex. They do make non-latex condoms, but they are more expensive and harder to find.

No. You can be allergic to the latex in condoms, but even then it couldn't be worse then a small rash.

Buy a condom that is not made from latex. There are numerous condoms that are latex free.

There's many different material condoms so you may be allergic to latex and not polyuerthane or vice versa. If you notice an allergic reaction go to you doctor ASAP.

buy non latex condoms...they sell them at any drug store.......also some medicines help against latex allergies

It's not latex ON the condoms. Latex is what the most common condoms are made of.

i would go to the doctor to check its not an STD, but yes you could be allergic to condoms, the doctor can confirm and allergy to latex and you could use non latex condoms.

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

The answer is definitely positive simply because your penis is by far a more sensitive and delicate organ of your body than your fingers.

yes there is its latex from recycled condoms

Non-latex condoms are not as strong and do not prevent the spread of STDs.

Not necessarily. At least one WikiAnswers contributor is allergic to latex but not to bananas.

Just like allergic to shrimp, nuts, wheat, or girls. The affected areas will swell and become reddish.

Coconuts are in the Latex 'family' meaning if you're allergic to Latex you could be allergic to coconut.

Some people are allergic to typical latex condoms, which can cause irritation. However this is no excuse for not using one, because there are latex-free condoms available for the same price as the latex ones. Condoms also have an expiry date. Using them past the expiry date may cause them to split, resulting in pregnancy or even sexually transmitted diseases. Other than that, no. Whether either partner has an allergy or not to latex is not an acceptable excuse for not using one because there are different materials on the market.

Yes! Many individuals have an allergy to latex, the primary ingredient in condoms. There are some other options available, discuss it with your physician, or take a walk down the aisle of the drugstore to see them.

Yes, They alo make Lamb Skin Condoms for the people that are alleric to the latex ones.

Condoms are made of latex, a form of rubber.

Latex condoms protect against STIs.

Depends on which alternative you're talking about. Sheep skin only prevents pregnancy, the pores in the material allow foreign bodies through that can cause STDs.Lamb skin is not the only non latex available.. polyisoprene condoms are also available.... LifeStyles has a brand named Skyn....Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that Skyn-to-Skyn sensation.Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivityand according to LifeStyles is just as effective

The are three types of condoms: Latex, Isoprene, and Urethane. The "standard" condom is latex and .007 inches thick. Premium brand "super thin" condoms are .002 inches thick or close to it. These are much more enjoyable to use for regular sex than standard condoms. However they are not strong enough for anal sex. Use thicker condoms for that stuff. You may see fancy names for condom material like "sheerlon" but these are just trade names for latex. Isoprene is synthetic latex, although they are often promoted as "non-latex" condoms. These condoms were developed for people who are allergic to latex. Another advantage is that they don't have a latex smell. They are premium .002 inches thick condoms. Urethane condoms were developed before isoprene condoms. They are .002 inches thick premium condoms, but urethane is not as stretchy as latex and will not give as snug a fit. Their advantage is that they are resistant to oil. This is useful if you have been using hand lotions or sunscreens. Urethane condoms are also odorless and hypo-allergenic, but they are getting hard to find as most manufacturers switched over to cheaper isoprene for hypo-allergenic condoms. However, if you want to give your partner an oil massage before sex, urethane condoms are a must. Condoms come in different shapes and sizes and have things like ribs and studs to improve the pleasure. See the discussion page for a list of condoms names and their description.

Yes it may happen, if the mating between the man and the women is regular. During mating, when a man's penis is penetrating a women's vagina, her fluids also contact his penis, and his body may get allergic to it. Condoms can be used to prevent it. However, it is possible to be allergic to condoms as well - latex and/or lambskin.

advantages: prevents HIV/AIDS and other std's as well as pregnancy.. disadvantages: does feel as good, some people are allergic to latex

The purpose of a latex condom is to protect you from STDs and pregnancies

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