Is there an alternative to latex condoms if you are allergic?

If you're looking only for birth control protection, you've got four choices, three of which will be discussed below:

The first is another form of birth control. Before you move away from condoms, you need to know the VD/AIDS status of everyone you're having sex with. If you two are monogamous, meaning you don't sleep with anyone else, this is pretty easy. If either of you have sex with multiple partners, you HAVE to use condoms every time you have sex. No options.

The second is the Skin Condom. It's made from sheep intestines. Very expensive--like $2.50 per condom expensive--and they're porous so viruses and germs go right through hence they are no good for disease prevention. But for birth control in a monogamous relationship these are excellent--you can feel each other much better with a skin condom than with a latex one, so sex with a skin condom is really good.

Third is the polyurethane condom. When these came out they were awful--they were fragile and you couldn't feel a damn thing through one. Now they use a much better polymer and I think they're better than latex ones as they transfer heat better. The sweet thing about polyurethane condoms is they're not sensitive to petroleum-based lubricants like latex ones are. A lot of people like scented massage oil during foreplay; it's basically floral-scented baby oil. It will eat right through a latex condom, but it won't do anything to a polyurethane one. These are not available in textures, ribs, studs or other novelty shapes, just plain for now. Also, if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is too big to fit in a poly condom, you are SOL. They only come in one size. Most men will fit in one, but for the more well endowed, well, sleep with someone else.

And fourth is the female condom. Sold as Reality, these are also polyurethane. These are for women who sleep with jerks. If the loser guy you're with won't use a condom, you can put this thing in place, which requires a minor in engineering to accomplish, and have some sort of protection. They're available but they're really expensive.

If I needed non-latex protection, I'd use polyurethane male condoms. They work (better than latex, in my opinion) and they're not outrageously expensive.

There isn't another type of condoms that I am aware of, but there are other forms of birth control. Condoms are your best bet against STDs though. Talk to the pharmacist or your doctor and see if there are other alternatives.