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Yes, however there are a multitude of factors which render such estimates nearly useless. Your best bet is to discuss your needs with a lending institution and get estimates for the work you propose.

Many companies use a per sq. ft. calculation method, but it is mainly used to get you in the 'general ballpark' of actual cost. This method is very useful to save time, money and effort. Since these per sq. ft. costs are averages derived from studies that have been done in a particular region, they will give the homeowner an idea of what to expect before they begin the contracting process. Most contractors can give a ballpark price over the phone, with a minimal amount of information required.

While per sq. ft. costs will vary, depending on the type of addition, materials to be used and other aspects of the work, most contractors that are smart enough to use this method will know what questions to query his potential client on to price it.

Most contractors want your work. That's why they're in business. But, those who have spend endless hours driving, meeting, calculating and responding, only to hear the potential client say it was too much money, find this method works well to qualify homeowners before they spend more serious time.

Just understand, this method is solely for the purpose of qualifying. The actual cost will undoubtedly vary. But it is a very convenient tool to save both the contractor and the homeowner a lot of time.

You should always consult at least three sources for price estimates. You are likely to pay substantially more for larger, more established operations, though the benefit is that if something goes wrong, you have a bit more protection. Individual contractors may offer a much better deal, depending on how busy they are. Price quotes can easily vary by 50% among a few contractors.

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Q: Is there an approximate cost per square foot for new construction when estimating the cost of an addition to the house?
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