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Q: Is there an inline fuse going back to battery from alternato on 96 geo metro?
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Battery for a Chevy metro?

most geo metros use a type 26R battery

What is the battery size for 1995 Geo Metro?


What size battery fit Chevy Metro 2001?


How much can i get out of a 1968 International Metro step van with a 220 cui 140 hp inline 6 engine?

i bought a 1961 metro van,a little rusty,had been sitting for ten yrs for 500

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Why does battery go dead when hooked up but alternator is good in geo metro?

check your battery ground and your alternator ground

How do you wire up a cigarette lighter in a Metro when you can see a set of 10 to 15 wires bound together but no junction boxes?

Just pull 12V from the battery or the fuse panel. Make sure you put the appropriate sized fuse inline with you cigarette lighter. It will protect against fires. Good luck.

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Will a fiesta car battery work in a metro?

Yes, as long as you hook the polarity right

What most likely the problem if your 1995 Geo Metro battery dies really every time you replace it?

Alternator is not charging, or if it is the charge is not getting to the battery

What could be wrong with a 1996 geo metro if the battery isn't taking charge and it's not the alternator?

The battery has a dead cell or short and needs replacing.

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