Is there any Mayans left

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Not true mayans but decendents from them.

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Q: Is there any Mayans left
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Where did the Mayans go when they left there homes?

where did mayans go when they left there home

What pyramids are left from the mayans?

There are alot left!

What did Mayans do for art?

They left a lot of art in carvings, jewelry, and buildings.

What civilization left many Indian ruins in the Central America?

the Mayans

Did the Mayans have any pets or animals?


What happened to the Mayans after the spanish conquest?

The Spanish intented to destroy their culture due to christnianisation. The Mayans were enslaved and abused. There were a few rebelions under the Spanish rule. Some Mayans left bigger aglomeration and settled on the countryside. Overall many Mayans live till today.

Why did the Mayans leave there cities?

they left because the Aztecs were coming to their city and they were scared of the Aztecs.

Did christopher Columbus conquer any group of people?


Did africans teach the Mayans how to live build and fight?

There is no evidence that the Africans had any contact at all with the Mayans in the pre-Columbian period, so no, they did not.

What was home to both the Aztecs and the Mayans?

Central America was home to both the Aztecs and Mayans. They both also lived in South Mexico. They left several building behinds that can still be visited today.

What represents an achievement of the Mayans?

The Mayans built a sophisticated empire in what is now known as the Yucatan of Mexico. No one can be 100% sure as to why their civilization crumbled. Their lasting effects are the fine pyramids they left behind.

What did Mayans do with money?

The Mayans did not have money.

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