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There are across London if type in : Live and unsigned UK into Google then the are auditions for record deals aswell! sooo it's good to try it out :D

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Are there any acting auditions in the north west of England?

I hope so

Are there any movie auditions in London that have kids auditioning at the moment?

yes !! everywhere! There is also the West End

Is there any auditions for the Sarah Jane Adventures?

There used to be auditions for the part but no auditions now

Is there any auditions in England for teenagers?

Yeah, There is Auditions for S.O.M Tour.

Are there any movie auditions coming up for teenagers?

are there any role playing movie auditions for kids

Of any theater or panto auditions in Glasgow?

are there any panto and theatre auditions in glasgow for christmas 2008?

Are there any film auditions for children in the north west of England?

Hey, This link may be usful.. navigate round the site for more auditions. Hope it helps :)

Are auditions held in corona CA?

Very rarely. The vast majority of auditions is in Hollywood, Burbank, and West Los Angeles.

Are there any film auditions coming up?

Yes, there are always auditions pending.

Any auditions in Charlotte NC?

Yes. There are acting auditions in Charlotte, NC.

Are there any auditions for any movies in Ireland?


Do you know of any auditions for teenage girls in America?

It is easiest to get an agent, and they will find auditions for you. There are some cattle call auditions that are open to anyone, but many auditions are closed auditions and require you to be called to the audition.

Are there auditions for the immortal series by tamora pierce?

Auditions? she has denied any offers for movies

Are there still any X Factor auditions in the UK for 2011?

No, 2011 auditions are closed.

Are there any auditions for SpongeBob 8-10?

No there are no auditions in spongebob 8-10

Has there been any news of auditions for Spring Awakening the Movie?

No. There have been no any news of auditions for Spring Awakening the Movie.

Were there X Factor US Auditions in LA and Phoenix in April?

There weren't any auditions in Phoenix. The LA auditions were on March 27th 2011.

Is there any auditions for victorious?

not at the moment, no

Are there any auditions in Germany?


Are there any Disney channel auditions now in dallas tx?

No most of auditions are held in califoria

Is there any auditions for Disney channel in Louisiana?

There are various auditions held throughout the year. As of September of 2014, there are currently no Disney channel auditions in Louisiana.

Are there any London auditions for any movies wanting a teenage girl?

Visit where there are plenty of auditions and job oppurtunities for all ages.

Are there any auditions for the third twilight movie?

I'm sad to say that there aren't going to be any open auditions for the 3rd twilight movie.

Are there any film auditions for girls age 9-12?

I don't know of any specific auditions, but is great for any audition, for any age, any where. Plus, you don't need to sign up to view auditions! Good luck!!- From fellow Stagecoach child actress.

Were there auditions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yes there were some sort of auditions as new actors were in the movies. However, there didn't seem to be any open auditions.