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If you are from Kolkata you can contact for computer science and application.

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Do the result of BA Part 2 of University of Calcutta available on 'Net?

calcutta university result ba part2 roll no 2424-31-0065

C program tutorial?

There are lots on the net. Just google your question.

Where dou get shrimp - runescape?

You learn how to fish them in tutorial island...small fishing net, over a fishing spot which says "Net".

Name of baggy centre of a fishing net or sail?


What is the name of the Baggy centre of a sail or fishing net?


How high is tennis court net in the centre?

The height of the tennis court net in the center is 3 feet high.

How do you write a program in c language?

first learn it from some tutorial available on net and use compilers or IDE's

What is the best coaching centre for CSIR-NET in hyderabad?


Where can someone find a tutorial on how to optimize your search engine?

Research has shown that there are a variety of options available for one to find a tutorial on how to do this. These tutorials can be found on sites such as the About site under "Home Business", Net Mechanic and Yola.

Is there any syllabus for NET computer science exam?

yes there is contact 9871910234 37555603 net coaching starting crack it with good efforts and guidance

What do you mean by guidance?

Guidance the estimation of future periods(Q1,FY)etc perfomance relating to Sales, Net profit, EPS, DPS ect., given by the company.

How many feet should the centre of the net on a tennis court measure?

is it 169

Where can one find ASP NET tutorials online?

ASP NET is a website design program from Microsoft. There are countless tutorials online, ranging from videos done by amateur users up to classes offered by tutorial companies that require a fee, and everything in between. The first step is to determine what sort of tutorial one is interested in, and take it from there.

How far do you have to stand away from the volleyball net in measureament?

you can be as close as you want to the net but you are not allowed to touch it. you're also not allowed to reach over the net to the over side of the court or put your foot over the centre line underneath the net

Where can one purchase a net phone?

Net phones can be purchased in online stores such as "Buy Mobiles", "Net 10", "Best Buy", "Walmart", "Hi-Mobile", "Wynn Com", "Review Centre" or "Neo Win".

What is the height at the centre of a tennis net?

The net should be 3' (36") or 91.5cm at the center strap, and 3'6" (42") or 106.5cm at the post. You can stand your racquet on the ground for reference.

What is the height of the tennis net from the ground to the top?

The net posts should be at a height of 3 ½ feet (1.07 m) and the net should be 3 feet (0.914 m) at the centre, therefore, it varies dependant on in which part of the court it is in.

Can you play kingdom hearts re-Chain of Memories on the PS3?

the game works on all backwards compatible ps3s but on the 80gb it will get stuck in the first tutorial. find a save file on the net right after that tutorial and your good to go. The game itself works much smoother on the ps3 :)

Is the net torque changed when a partner on a seesaw stands or hangs from her end instead of sitting?

The two factors that govern the torque or turning moment are her mass and the horizontal distance from the seesaw centre to her centre of gravity.

What is the height of a tennis net?

The International Tennis Federation site states that a net shall be suspended by a cord or metal cable which shall pass over or be attached to two net posts at a height of 3 ½ feet (1.07 m). The height of the net shall be 3 feet (0.914 m) at the centre.

Where can you get a gameshark 2 for ps2 CD in Lahore Pakistan or on the net with free shipping to Pakistan?

You could get it in the Hall road or Hafeez centre

First women branch of sbi in India?

Vasundhara jubilee senorita banking centre, for high net worth women in Hyderabad.

How high is a badminton net?

The court is divided into two halves by a net. The next obvious question is- how high is badminton net? The net is supposed to be 5 feet 1 inch on the edges and 5 feet in the centre. The poles that support the net are planted outside the double's line even when a single's match is being played.In professional circuits all the dimensions and measurements, like the height of the badminton net, have to be precise. But in private games, when playing with your kids for example, how high the badminton net is, can be variable according to your discretion and requirement.

In basketball how and where can you score from?

In Basketball you score by getting the ball through the centre of the hoop (ring, basket, net) and you can score from anywhere within the boundaries of the court.

How do you connect vb with sql server?

search for this line below there is a video you can watch" VB.NET Database Tutorial - Connecting To Microsoft SQL Server (PART 1) (Visual Basic .NET) Thank you Dariush from