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I am 18 years old and am so happy that I just found this website! I have been rocking all my life and I never knew why�.well I guess I still don�t. My entire family use to make fun of me �im going to tell all your friends� and when I was little I was very imbaresed of this behavior. Why do I do it? Do I have psychological problems? My older sister did this also when we were younger but she grew out of it. I also thought that It could have been because I was rocked as a baby, yet my childhood really sucked and it is such a comfort to me to rock. I Have tried to change this behavior with an experiment but I find my self rocking when im upset, happy, anxious, a lot of the time. Manly when I am upset�I no longer care what people think of me but I would still like to know why I rock? anyone know?



it is most certainly a comforting action.

what ever reason something has made them need to feel comforted

biologicaly you are mimicking the rythem and movement of your heartbeat, it is one of the most calming noises and sensations in any animals mind infact some of the greatest songs in the world mimic the beat of the heart as it connects with people on a level they don't understand but makes them like the music, eg, Beethoven's moonlight sonata (my fave ever piece of Classical Music btw)

and my boyf and i rock a lot hugging, its a show of just how comfortable we are together and how much we feel that comfort and need to externalise it. also when people cry really badly, or are internally troubled in some way, myself included in these, they rock again its purely looking for comfort.

the most comfortable you will probably be in your life is when your mother rocked you as a baby, that's the feeling we are all trying to recreate in our lives. so you are right in connecting it with that natalia.

id say you feel a lot of emotions and this is your way of externalising them, you don't need to stop, but you can find many other comfort methods,

i had my cat for comfort, and ive been searching for a new comfort since he died, this answering questions is helping me at the moment, expressing my thoughts which id say is something we all need to do, especially with things on our mind,

so it not connected to any illness,it is mostly Psychology, it is a need to comfort yourself for whatever reason you have whether that is a problem or a thing that makes you happy, but more often than not is is caused by underlying issues with a problem that has concerned the person, and it is simply the externalisation (outwardly showing and not in your head) of what you are feeling.

you should always talk to someone if you have a trouble, a friend, a parent, even a councilor. this could help find what is making you need comfort or just help you talk it all out.


you know ive done that my entire life to

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Q: Is there any illness related to rocking back and forth?
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No, rocking back and forth isn't a form of Autism - Autism is a neurological difference, it comes with many characteristics, not just rocking back and forth. The rocking can be a characteristic of Autism, it's a form of stimming which is self-stimulation Autistic people use to calm themselves.

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What does rocking back and forth mean?

Rocking back and forth basically means continuously disrupting or interrupting someone. It can also be used to refer to relapse to a former state after treatment.

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What disorder causes rocking back and forth?

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It means that you rock back and forth in your sleep. People move in their sleep and sometimes that will look "odd".

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No, not necessarily. Rocking back and forth alone is not an indication of autism, neurotypical people can rock back and forth too! It can be a characteristic of autism known as 'stimming' which is repetitive self-stimulation, it's a means of controlling sensory input to reduce sensitivity to surrounding sensory input.

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There are a few mental problems that can cause chronic rocking back and forth. One of the main ones is autism. Also sometimes severe stress, like a nervous breakdown. Rocking back and forth without any other symptoms (like stress or depression) is probably not a real medical condition.

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The rocking motion is a way of self-soothing and distraction from the sensation of any kind of inner distress- such as loneliness, sadness, fear, shame, etc.

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