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The check engine light will usually come on.

On a Chrysler product the check engine light will not come on for low oil. You should either see the oil pressure gauge fall (if equipped) or the low oil pressure light will come one. That is the one that looks like a little red oil can. In addition the engine will overheat and you will start to hear some noise from the engine.


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88 fleetwood has a very tough engine i use any oil i can aford . my car runs good with any type of oil

A car is an example because it runs on oil.

One possibility is that your sensor is defective and needs replacement...

All of the indicator lights come on for a few moments immediately after you turn the key to the start position. After that, if the oil indicator comes on stop driving the car until the cause is found. The oil indicator light means the engine is not getting enough oil either because the oil level is too low or the oil pump has stopped working. In either case, it's a serious problem and operating the engine under these conditions can destroy the it.

yeah, it is an olfactory indicator!

If your car is running out of oil, I would be extremly worried because if you car does not contain any oil then your engine would seize. If you are changing your oil, you need a new oil filter and you rub some new oil on the seal of the new filter so it does not melt to your car. Make sure your bolt that hold your oil in your oil sump is still there. Change your oil after 6000 kilometers. If your oil is still fairly clear your good.

How do I reset oil indicator on bmw 325 1987?

Dependent on your model and options, you should have;Low Traction IndicatorLow Coolant IndicatorOil Pressure IndicatorUpshift Indicator (Manual Transmission only)Volts IndicatorAir Bag IndicatorCheck Gauges IndicatorABS IndicatorCheck Oil IndicatorFriPilot

It doesn't have one. to check the oil, the car has an electronic oil indicator viewable on the bottom of the tachometer when sitting in the drivers seat with the engine running.

It means low oil pressure. Or you have no pressure which means you may not have any oil in your car. STOP immediately, turn your car off. check oil to see if you have any.

absoutley, this is expected.... if there isn't any oil in an oil filter that was just pulled off a car - then there is a serious issue with your car

form_title= Car Oil form_header= The key to keep your car running like is new is to change the oil. What oil do you normally use?*= _ [50] Have you noticed any oil on the ground?*= () Yes () No When did you last change your oil?*= _ [50]

i believe you need a computer that can hook up to the car for that, if not, check the manual

a motor can not run with out oil, the motor will seize up and can break parts

There is no level indicator on the gearbox. The oil is checked by topping it up.

Hold the mode button until display says someting like Oil life xx% press reset to renew. Hold reset button in until it says oil life 100%

You can dispose them at any oil and gas stations

Faulty sensor, or oil pressure issue. Sell the car, you'll replace your oil pan gasket at least twice.

Oil pump not functioning properly.

every 3,000 miles is suggested if the vehicle is driven much, or every 3 months.AnswerOnly as needed. Newer cars have an oil change indicator. So change your oil as requested by your car. Oil today runs much better in todays modern car engines, so less oil changes are needed. On average 7k miles is recommended. ANSWER 3- I agree with Gouch, 3,000 miles. - Answer 2 is incorrect. Believe it you dare - it will very likely cost you.

Th oil indicator light in most cars is attached to an oil pressure sensor. The sensor is designed to warn of low pressure to prevent engine damage.

the oil indicator light only comes on when the oil preesure is below normal operating levels, you should get with your dealer on that one.

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