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yes there is,

GEEZ, just pay the money!!! no that's why there is iTunes anyways!!!! :(

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What software is good for downloading music videos etc?

iTunes is my favorite software for music and other things.

Where can you download SAFELY music for a music video?

iTunes or Amazon or some other site where you buy it. Downloading it for free is illegal and always unsafe. But still, it is legal to use a streaming audio capture to record songs from Amazon and iTunes while it is transmitting on the computer. Tip: you are not allowed to distribute it.

Do you have to get music off iTunes if you have an ipod?

The iTunes software will link to the iPod but you do not need to purchase music from the iTunes store as you can add music from any source; such as your own CDs or music files already on your computer. Other retailers, such as Amazon, provide downloading software which allows any music you purchase from them to be automatically added to your iTunes music library.

Why doesn't iTunes have certain songs or artists?

AnswerNot every artist is smitten with iTunes or the other "legal" music downloading sites, so the short answer is iTunes simply doesn't have permission to offer the song/album for download.Here's an odd example: They have a lot of Jimmy Buffett's older catalogue, but nothing of his newer stuff. Of course, absolutely no AC/DC, Tool, the Beatles or Garth Brooks, all of whom are against music downloading.

Where is downloading music legal?

Some countries such as Canada allow downloading music so long as a profit isn't being made.In other countries like the US,If you are caught downloading music then you are charged between 750 to 250,000 dollars.I think that depends on your wealth and numerous other things.Posting the music for downloading and/or selling the music is a much worst fine and even jail time.

Can you download free songs onto the ipod touch?

You should not be downloading free songs. Downloading free songs is illegal, no matter how many sites claim to be completely legal. You should be buying the songs from iTunes or other legal places to get songs.

How do you transfer music from the computer onto a DVD CD?

When downloading music from your computer onto a disc you can use Itunes. It's a great way to listen to music other than on the computer itself or on an ipod.

Where can you download foreign music?

On iTunes there's a button on the botton that has a flag of your country on it. If you click on it, you can get a list of other country's iTune music pages and access to their music. If you're looking for illegally downloading, I wouldn't know.

How do you download music using an iPod touch?

You can use Itunes on the Ipod Touch and put money on your account. But otherwise, downloading music via zippy share or any other music download has to be done on the Internet.

How do I know if I'm downloading a legal or illegal mp3?

If you are paying for it then it's legal. To save the hassle and be safe, use Itunes because they are licensed mp3 files. Rhapsody is the same thing but their push is they let you listen to the whole song before downloading. I would stick to well known mp3 downloaders like Itunes and Rhapsody rather then getting into the mess of the thousands of other mp3 downloading sites that may or may not be legal. For more information on how to decipher between mp3 legal issues check out

What are other legal alternatives to iTunes?


How do you transfer music for iTunes to another computer?

All you have to do is burn a CD downloading all of your old music on to the CD. If you do that and put that CD back into the other computer and open itunes. You should be able to transfer your new music. I got a new computer and I was able to do those steps and it worked. you also can use a usb connection. It can be a great help in transferring music from itunes to another computer.

How do you import someones iTunes music to your ipod?

The music available through iTunes is, as detailed in the legal agreement you make when you open an iTunes account, for personal use only. Unless the other person has permission from the copyright holders to distribute the music then both they (in giving) and you (in receiving) will be acting illegally and liable to prosecution.

Where might one listen to Pitbull music?

Once may listen to Pitbull music in a number of different ways. This includes on streaming services such as Spotify, on the radio, or by downloading it on iTunes and other similar services.

Where can you find music by Bandana?

itunes and other music stores.

Is it illegal to download music from MP3 Skull?

While MP3 Skull operates a legal website, the act of downloading and keeping music on your computer or other device that you did not pay for is illegal.

What is a good legal music downloading site that you could burn with and has jpop?

WalkBlue is "legal"and is extremely effiecent if you know what you're looking for. Simple and easy, WalkBlue is my favorite (also contains english, spanish, and other languages) site for downloading J-pop.

Does it cost money to download Itunes for your iPod touch?

No, downloading iTunes on your iPod is completely free. However, the songs, videos, and other things that you download from iTunes are not free.

How do you get your music on iTunes without paying?

There are many resources we can use to get free music for itunes or many other music softwares but they can be illegal and copyrighted.

Does importing music on iTunes cost money?

You pay when you buy music from the iTunes store, just like any other store, apart from that the iTunes software is free and you can import music from other sources, such as CDs you own, without charge.

How do you Get music on your ipod without iTunes and without downloading iTunes?

You can put songs on your ipod with other programs that are 100% free. Examples: Imesh, Bearshare, and Mediamonkey. Note: Imesh Bearshare and mediamonkey are peer to peer sharing sites who's users mainly deal in stolen music and copyright theft.

What if you don't own the other albums can you still download free legal music from itemvn?

Right Now I'm Totaly confused am I allowed to download music legaly from for the songs & albums I can't get on itunes and can I get the Songs & albums I can't get on itunes, legaly?

How do you know if you are downloading music from Lime-wire legally?

Downloading music from Limewire is a breach of copyright and you may be liable to action from the copy right holders, in other words downloading copyrighted music, movies or other files without paying the artist is illegal..

How do you save music to computers?

iTunes, aolmusic, other music software stuff.

How do you add music from iPod to iTunes?

Usually, you can add music from iTunes to iPod easily. But from iPod to iTunes, which it is not so easy. i think you need some other software to help.