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Q: Is there any noise pollution arround the routs of metro traines?
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Related questions

What do you mean by noise polllution?

noise pollution is a noise which afect the pollution

Introduction to noise pollution?

introdution of noise pollution

What are the objectives of noise pollution?

noise pollution objective

Why is noise pollution bad?

You can go deaf from too much noise, or noise pollution.

Noise pollution slogans?

a sweet slogan about noise pollution

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

Famous noise pollution quotes?

rock and roll is not noise pollution

What are the noise pollutions?

Environmental pollution caused by too much noise is called noise pollution.

Why is noise pollution improtant?

noise pollution is important because noise effects animals and people by stress

Why do people think noise is noise pollution?

Noise pollution is noise that is so excessive that it disturbs the balance of human or animal life.

What are the problems with noise pollution in Japan?

As more people pack into Japanese cities noise pollution increases proportionally. Noise pollution and air pollution are connected to an increased number of vehicles on the road.

What is water and noise pollution?

Water pollution: is the contamination of water with pollutants. Noise pollution: a noise above the permitted limit in a given environment.

Does water create noise pollution?

yes water create noise pollution

What is the data analysis of noise pollution?

It is because of the noise the 'vehicles' are making and of course the noise of all the creature on earth makes the noise pollution!

Noise pollution in the neighbourhood?

One type of noise pollution in the neighborhood would include loud music. Another type of noise pollution would be loud cars.

What can noise pollution damage?

Hearing. You can go deaf if the noise pollution is too loud.

What is noise pollution and how is it caused?

The main causes for noise pollution are vehicles especially motorcycles.

Aims and objectives of noise pollution?

There aren't many aims or objectives for noise pollution. Many aims are against noise pollution because it is physically harmful to the human body.

Ialogue on noise pollution?

Marine Noise Pollution Silent Socratic Dialogue, students learn about the history of marine noise pollution and its effects on marine life, particularly cetaceans.

Tell me about pollutio Air polullutio noise pollution water pollution and land pollution on short parahraph?

Tell me about air polullution noise pollution water pollution and land pollution on short paragraph?

What are the importance of noise pollution?

It is important to control noise pollution in major urban areas. Whether it's construction noise during the daytime or noise from nightlife, citizens value a noise-free community. It's important for cities to take the appropriate measures to control their noise pollution.

What is noise pollution and its definition?

The presence of excessive or unwanted sound in the atmosphere is called noise pollution.

Do cell phones cause noise pollution..?

maybe not CAUSE noise pollution,but they sure do affect it. ;-)

Why did pollution occur?

the noise pollution occur by the noise,the water pollution occur by the dust which we are throwing in the water,land pollution occur by the smok of the car ahd secret.

Name 3 main sources of noise pollution in your neighbourhood?

Noise pollution is excessive noise that can be harmful to animal or human life. Three main source of noise pollution in a neighborhood include loud car, people that create loud noise and animals such as dogs.