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Oral drugs such as baclofen can be taken, or in more extreme cases, a baclofen pump can be implanted to deliver baclofen direct to the spinal cord.

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Q: Is there any treatment for spasms in paraplegia?
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How is hereditary spastic paraplegia treated?

There is no curable or preventive treatment for HSP, except for antispasmodic drugs to reduce muscle spasms.

What factors are associated with a good prognosis from treatment of infantile spasms?

normal neurological exam and development at onset, absence of other seizure types at onset, older age of onset, short duration of spasms, and early effective treatment of spasms

The paralysis of both legs and lower part of the body is known as?

Paraplegia - paralysos of the lower body. (source-

What is the most common cause of paraplegia?

Paraplegia occurs after injury to the lower spinal cord

What does the word paraplegia originate from?

The word paraplegia has Greek origins. It comes from a Greek word that translates to half striking. Paraplegia is generally caused by an injury to the spinal cord.

Can you have back spasms and migraines?

Back spasms and Migraine can be comorbid. This means they are separate conditions that one person has at the same time. Spasms can also trigger Migraine in susceptible individuals. See your physician or headache specialist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and headache disorders.

What is the prognosis for infantile spasms?

Infantile spasms usually resolve with or without treatment in the majority of patients, generally by mid-childhood. However, other seizure types arise in 50-70% of patients

What type of disibility is paraplegia?

Paraplegia is caused by trauma or disease of the spinal cord below the cervical portion of the spinal cord.

What is paraplegia rheumatoid arthritis?

The destruction of the lumbar spine in association with rheumatoid arthritis rarely is severe enough to cause paraplegia.

What is the adjective for paraplegia?

Paraplegic. "She is paraplegic."

An individual accidentally transected the spinal cord between T1 and L2 This would result in?

Paraplegia - paralysis of both lower limbs

What is an individual affected with paraplegia referred to?