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Put up low Fencing, such as construction type silt fence, or aluminum fence that is keyed into the ground and is approximately 12"high in the bushes (so you can't see it that well) around the perimeter ofthe pool.

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2005-01-10 23:07:55
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Q: Is there any way to keep salamanders out of the pool?
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Do all amphibians have lungs?

No, there are some newts and salamanders that do not transform all the way and keep their gills.

Is there any way to keep frogs away from swimming pools?

There is a solution! A new invention that allows frogs to escape from dying in inground pools. It is called the Critter ... How do you keep frogs away form pool? How do you keep frogs out of the pool? How can you deter tree frogs from pool?

How do you keep ants out of your swimming pool?

One way to keep ants out of swimming pools is to have a place for people to wash their feet before they get into the pool. Another way is to treat the lawn with a pest control herbicide before putting up the pool.

What is the best way to keep your pool heated in winter?

Add an AquaWarm Swimming Pool Cover - I did and it works wonders.

What is the best way to keep your pool cleaned when you have hairy dogs?

a self propelled, automatic vacuum. you can buy them at most pool stores.

Is there a way to keep a swimming pool clean by using plants instead of harmful chemicals?

You can add some kind of herbs to the pool.

Is there any way to keep a swimming pool for ducks bacteria free?

Yes, your options on sanitizers include Biguanides or PHMB's, and copper-based ionization systems.

How and when do salamanders hunt?

Salamanders and newts, tend to hunt at night, especially after rainfall. They are amphibians like frogs and toads, and thus must keep moist. Their nocturnal habits allow them to stay safe and they are less likely to dry out this way from the sun.

Is there any way you can get pregnant in a swimming pool?

Only by having sex while in the pool. You can not get pregnant from the water.

Can you make your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool without changing any equipment except the salt generator?

Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

18 round pool need fence 2 keep kids out ?

cheap way what do i need

How do you get the water level correct in a pool?

Fill it until the water level is about half way up on the files ... enough to keep the top skimmers happy and low enough to keep most of the water in the pool.

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