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You could buy pesticides labeled for bed bugs, a respirator mask, and gloves, and carefully follow the instructions to treat your home. But often doing your own pest control for bed bugs means you spread the problem and make it harder to eliminate. Answer Best advice: get a professional in and make sure they know how to get rid of bed bugs. Avoid the use of aerosol or fogger based insecticides as these can disperse the problem.

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Q: Is there any way to kill bed bugs other than hiring an exterminator?
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How can you kill fleas without hiring an exterminator?

use a flea bomb. you can get them over the counter.

Where can one find out how to kill bed bugs?

You can find out how to kill bed bugs by visiting your local exterminator. He will provide you with a guide on how to destroy their nesting environments and such.

Can you kill bed bugs with Silica salt?

No, bedbugs are a true infestation. They will get into the baseboards, bed springs, and all the other nooks and crannies in the room. They need an actual exterminator.

Can bed bugs come back after extermination?

The simple answer is yes. Most likely you will need the exterminator to come twice. The first time he will kill the living bugs. The second time he will kill the babies from the eggs that hatched. The chemicals that exterminators use do not kill the eggs. So after the first treatment the eggs are still alive. The gestation period for bed bugs is about 1-2 weeks. So the exterminator will need to come back a second time after the they have hatched. It's important to have the exterminator come back before the babies turn into adults and reproduce again. If the exterminator tells you that he can get rid of them in one treatment then find a new exterminator. It's just not true. It's hard to say whether or not you will need more than 2 exterminations. It depends on the degree of the infestation, how well you prepped your apartment for extermination, the skill and experience of the exterminator and whether or not you live in an apartment with other affected units. If you do, then it is likely the bugs will crawl through the walls and come back.

How do you kill walking stick bugs?

to be honest i think u should call an exterminator just smash them because i had an infestation of them in my backyard

Should I kill the bugs myself?

Depending on the type of bug problem you have, you may need to call an exterminator. Some bugs require pesticide treatment that cannot be purchased by the average consumer, but will have to be applied by a professional.

How do you protecting spider?

Kill the other bugs

How do you kill bugs inside beads?

you pour gasoline on the bead and let it dry or call an exterminator because the bead is most likely not safe to sleep on.

AN exterminator kills the bus out of your house.They usaully kill roaches ,ants, spiders and many other things.Ten after all that killing the amount just comes out to $1000 dollars.?

An exterminator's services are tailored to the needs of the homeowner. Either an exterminator will sign you to a monthly preventative contract, or he/she will come and eradicate specific pest problems. On a preventative visit, an exterminator will spray a general pesticide that will eliminate all bugs, including spiders, ants and roaches. This contract usually costs between 60 and 100 dollars a month.

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bugs and their babies ( sometimes)

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How do you get rid of water bugs in the house They are upstairs and down in the bedroom and livingroom kitchen and bathroom crawling everywhere what can I use to kill them.?

You are going to use some type of bug spray. It is not common for water bugs to being everywhere in a house. You may need to call an exterminator.

How do you get rid of a flea infestation?

Kill the fleas! Hire an exterminator.

How do you kill bed bug eggs?

call the exterminator company

What does billy the exterminator say is the best product to buy to get rid of roaches?

Billy the Exterminator is a real life exterminator and also a reality show star. He says the best product to kill roaches is Pyrethrin.

Does fly paper kill mosquitoes and other bugs?

Fly paper will catch mosquitoes and other bugs that comes in contact with it. Because the bugs can't get off the paper to feed, they end up dying.

What is a home remedy to kill water bugs?

One home remedy to kill water bugs is vinegar. This will repel the bugs.

How hot does it have to be in your house to kill bed bugs?

It has to be 24 Degrees to kill bed bugs

Herbal remedies to kill bed bugs?

What are the strongest herbs that can kill bed bugs

Does hair spray kill bed bugs?

break kill bed bugs in your mattress

What are 10 good things about spiders?

they kill other bugs that bother us

Why can't you kill a praying mantis?

They are a beneficial insect- they eat other bugs.

How do you kill moles?

Pour smoke into their burrows, poison them, or hire an exterminator.

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Will a bug bomb kill the ticks hiding on fabric?

it will .... BUT i would not want to sleep on the bed after you bomb it ... not because of the dead bugs ... will that would add to it ... but the chemicals alone ... its best to just buy a new mattress or call an exterminator ...