Is there any way to make your nose bigger besides makeup or plastic surgery?

I saw on Montel last week that your nose keeps growing as you get older, that's probaly not what you wanted to hear though. I have heard that having your nose broke makes it bigger but it will probaly make it crooked too. Answer: The biggest nose I've ever seen in my life is on the fruit loop bird on the front of the box of fruit loops cereal. This bird actually exists. It's named the toucan bird. I doubt if it actually eats fruit loops cereal or even the oats which the cereal is made of. But, the bird probably eats a lot of fruits.That's why it's nicknamed the fruit loop bird. I read in a university book that the top 1/3 of a person's nose is bone, and the bottom 2/3 is cartilage. Cartilage is formed from the chemical reaction of protein with Vitamin C. Almost certainly, the toucan bird consumes lots of Vitamin C, and perhaps a lot of protein as well, most likely from some sorts of seeds. The different birds in my backyard like to eat lots of seeds, which contain lots of protein but no Vitamin C. They probably get Vit.C from other foods. I can't imagine why anyone would want a bigger nose, except one website said it's to correct a nose-job that removed too much of the nose. So, I would suggest you could try consuming more protein and Vitamin C to make more cartilage for the bottom 2/3 of your nose. And maybe try consuming more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin D, to make more bone. However, I don't know what would be the best way to build an attractive nose, if it could be done. Would a nice nose have the proportions of bone and cartilage mentioned above, 1/3 and 2/3, or a bigger percentage of bone and smaller percentage of cartilage or vice-versa? You could try irritating the sinuses with salty or spicy foods, or smoke. I know these make my nose swell up. Maybe you could find out what the diet of big-nosed people is, and try their diet. For example, many people in England have a big nose. Their leader, Prince Charles, is one. His ex-wife Princess Diana, is another. Rod Stewart is another. These are just a few. Many people in India, Pakistan, Israel, Italy,and Hungary, also have big noses, and perhaps many other countries, too. Also keep in mind, these are just the noses that stick out from front to back. I have not even mentioned the black people's noses. If their noses are big, they're really wide. I never really noticed them before Michael Jackson's nose job. Michael Jackson's nose was really wide before his nose job. I don't know how you could make your nose wider.