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Sure go to VIEW and select your options also go to TOOLS then internet OPTIONS and select whatever you want. If you get desperate you can reload IE - there is NO reason to reformat the disk.


1. Open Internet Explorer 7.

2. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Reset.

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What is the default search engine for Internet Explorer?

For Internet Explorer 8, the default search engine is Bing. One may also change their personal settings to provide them with a different default search engine, but Bing is the default search engine for Internet Explorer 8.

What is the default version of internet explorer in windowsvista?

Internet Explorer 7

Which is a default system for explorer?

Internet Explorer is a default system for Microsoft. When you install the Windows Operating System, the default browser you will get is Internet Explorer. You can change to other browser options.

How do you set a default browser for downloads pop-ups etc on windows 7?

Run IE9 , open internet settings then click on programs after that you will see default web browser click on make default to make Internet Explorer your default browser

Where can the internet explorer default search engine be found?

You can do a search for the Internet Explorer webpage. You will then be able to follow the steps to load it as the default on your computer.

What is default IE in windows 7?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is the default version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that comes with Microsoft Windows 7.

How do I make the Internet Explorer Immersive Browser my default?

If Internet Explorer is set as the default browser, it will open in the new immersive browser, and the tile will have a larger "e" and the words "Internet Explorer" will be under it. To set Internet Explorer as the default browser: 1. From the Start screen, type Default Programs, and select the Apps filter. 2. Tap or click Default Programs in the search results. 3. Tap or click Set your Default Programs. 4. Choose Internet Explorer from the list. 5. Select Set this program as default, and then tap or click OK. 6. Close Set Default Programs

What does Internet explorer as default browser do?

If you set Internet Explorer as your default web browser then when you click a url the website gets opened in IE by default. If you want to change Internet Explorer as your default web browser then follow below given steps: Open IE Go to Tools >> Internet Options Under Programs Tabbed Section Menu Check or uncheck the last check box option avilable mentioning about Internet Explorer to set as default web browser. Click Apply & OK

How do you make internet explorer your default browser?

Using the IE menu click on 'Tools', then click on 'Internet Options', then click on the tab 'Programs'. You should see a button 'Make Default' under the heading 'Default Web Browser'. Click that button to make IE your default web browser. Answer:Methode 1:Open Internet ExplorerGo to Tools > Internet OptionsClick to the Programs tabClick Reset Web SettingsWhen the pop-up menu comes up, select Yes. Methode 2:Open Control Panel and double-click Internet Options.Click the Programs tab.Click to select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.Click OK.Start Internet Explorer and when you are prompted to make it the default browser, click Yes.

How can you download Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for Windows 7?

Internet Explorer 8 is included by default in Windows 7.

How do you set internet explorer? Solution: If you have only internet explorer. then no need set. if you have another browser then you can set default browser internet explorer. from add/remove program.

How do you change the default encoding in internet explorer?


What is the default Web browser for Windows Vista?

Internet Explorer

How do you set internet explorer as default browser and not mozzila Firefox?

To make Internet Explorer as the default browser, you can do 2 things:1. Go on: Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > (on the left tabs) > Set Programs and Access Defaults and make you selections on Custom or choose the Microsoft settings.Or if you do not have the "classic" start menu, just click on Set Programs and Access Defaults.2. Go into: Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Programs and down near the middle where it says Default Web Browser, check the box.

What is the default browser in Windows 7?

The default browser in Windows 7 is Internet Explorer version 8.

What is the default web browser in Windows XP?

Internet Explorer 6.

What operating system comes with Internet Explorer installed on it?

Internet Explorer is the default browser for all Windows operating systems. So, Windows operating systems come with Internet Explorer ready installed on the computer.

Does Windows 7 come with a browser?

Yes. Internet Explorer is included by default.

What is the default web browser in windows 7?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

How do you reset your computer to default settings after having set your homepage to Google My Way?

For Internet Explorer users, just go under the tools menu and go to internet options. Under the general tab, click on use default for the homepage. Firefox is the same, just instead of tools, go to options.

What internet browser was default in Mac OS prior to Safari?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Mac was the default browser on a Macintosh between 1996 and 2003 when it was replaced by Safari.

How can you view cookies on your computer?

. If you're using Internet Explorer On your task bar, click: 1. Tools, then 2. Internet Options. 3. Under the tab General (the default tab) click 4. Settings, then 5. View Files.

How do you open files with internet explorer?

On Windows, right click the file, select Open With, select Choose Default Program, select Internet Explorer and then select Ok.

How can you get pagerage from from your home page?

To remove pagerage as your default home page in Internet Explorer: 1. Select Tools -> Internet Options 2. Click on the Use Default Button

How do you make Google your default search browser for Internet Explorer?

If you are looking to set google as your default search browser, open up internet explorer and click on tools, then internet options and a new screen will open, and the first box says homepage. Type in and it will become your default browser. Also, you can change it from "Preferences" in the Tools menu.