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In most cases you need to insure the car with a policy written in the state that the vehicle is registered. Many states require that the insurance companies report the vehicles that they are insuring to the state for cross reference of motor vehicle registrations. So if you live in state A and your vehicle is registered in state A but insured in state B then state A will think that your vehicle is not insured and revoke your vehicle registration. Now if you live in state A but register and insure your vehicle in state B then you run the risk of not adhereing to the law that says you must register the vehicle in the state of your primary residence. If you have a legitimate reason for doing this such as a second residence in another state at which you keep a vehicle then you should have no problem doing this. If you are doing it to avoid higher taxes or insurance premiums then you will be doing something illegal.

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Q: Is there any way you can insure your car in another state from which you live?
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